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What are the three capital ideologies of globalization and why are they important? Please, explain  What are the attempt of amends globalism and what are the capital credibility of the political affairs proposed by it? Please, discuss. Directions Answers MUST appear from the book Steger, Manfred B. 2013, 3rd ed. Globalization: A Very Short Introduction. Oxford, Oxford University Press. ISBN-9781099662661. Chapter 7. Please accomplish abiding that you are answering the questions from this book. Professor will abstract credibility if you do not use the book.  While I animate you to accompany in ability from alternative classes, alfresco readings and claimed experiences, you are appropriate to use the chic textbook(s) as primary source(s) of advice for your responses/replies. Your responses should be absolute and authenticate analytical cerebration about the assigned accountable matter. You are not accustomed to use quotations. Use apery instead and accomplish abiding to accommodate in-text citations, which should accommodate the aftermost name of the author(s), year of publication, and folio number(s). You are appropriate to accommodate in-text citations and references in the APA autograph architecture in all discussions.

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