I have an assignment in managing people organization class

Hello, I accept an appointment in managing bodies alignment class. This appointment due tomorrow evening.  Individual Appointment 1: Individual Appointment 1:.. Answer anniversary catechism and accommodate abutment (citations and references) for your answers. You may use the arbiter as support. Use actual commendation and advertence format, as able-bodied as actual spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Be abiding to see the explanation on the chic website. Amuse bifold amplitude your Word submission. I accept accustomed suggestions as to folio length, but this does not accommodate the catechism itself. The absolute appointment is account 100 points. If you accept any questions, amuse acquaintance me. 1. In about one page, ascertain and altercate alone competences for authoritative effectiveness. Why are these important? Which one do you anticipate you charge to assignment on most, from the assessments you accept taken in Chapters 1-4? 2. In about one page, ascertain and altercation axiological allegation absurdity and egoistic bias. How has this contributed to mistakes you accept fabricated in anticipation alternative people? 3. The case of “Joe Salatino, President of Great Northern American” is absorbing to those belief acquirements and achievement management. In about one page, ascertain self-efficacy and altercate how compassionate the abstraction of self-efficacy has helped Mr. Salatino’s success. Note: The case is at the end of Chapter 4. 4. A. Ascertain the assumption and disinterestedness models of performance.  Note: In attractive at assumption theory, there are three issues: a. Can I do the job? b. Is there a reward? c. Is the accolade admired to me? Equity approach basically consists to two abandon of an equation: The employee’s assignment and his/her accolade from it compared to another’s accolade for their work. It is either fair or not fair, in the apperception of the employee. And the alternative allotment of this is that the administrator cannot aces the ‘other’ that the agent is application as a comparison! B. Altercate how these two theories are altered and how they ability affect your management. 

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