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   Peer Association Mental Health Accumulation Acquaintance Clinical In this assignment, you will charge to acquisition a associate or family/friend to accompany you to one Accessible (not closed) Mental Health Accumulation Affair in the community. There are abounding to accept from. You will be amenable for award a accumulation affair to appear in person. No on-line accumulation forums will be allowed. This appointment is account 4 analytic hours and is due November 10, 2017 by midnight. This appointment is binding and you will not be able to be acknowledged in this advance if you do not complete it. Some account for accessible groups: Alcoholics Anonymous, Bipolar Group, Bereavement Group, Overeater’s Anonymous, Substance Abuse Groups etc. After accessory the meeting, you will charge to address a two folio cardboard with a minimum of 1000 words afterward basal APA guidelines about your experience. Please see the following: 1. You are appropriate to appear one accumulation affair in the community, and address a two folio cardboard afterward APA guidelines. You charge accept a minimum of 1000 words. You charge use at atomic one affirmation based advertence or commodity as able-bodied as your book for this assignment. Any quotes from a advertence cannot beat 30 words in breadth and absolute references cannot beat 1/10 of your paper. Absolutely no acid and pasting of any advice into your paper. This is plagiarism. This should be in your own words. A. Title page: Title your abbreviate cardboard as the blazon of accumulation abounding such as Alcoholics Anonymous and your name, date, course, advance number, and instructor. B. Accommodate alone the afterward advice about the accumulation in your addition (Short paragraph) 1. Name of the accumulation attended. 2. Category/kind of accumulation you attended. 3. Location of the accumulation attended. 4. Date and Time you attended. 5. Approximate cardinal of attendees at the meeting. 6. First name of your peer/family member/friend who accompanied you. C. Description of Meeting 1. Discuss how the affair met or did not accommodated the accumulation analysis concepts from affiliate 10 in your Townsend textbook. This area should be a minimum of 500 words. 2. Discuss how the affair acclimated ameliorative advice techniques to accomplish objectives. Be specific about the types of ameliorative techniques you observed. This area should be a minimum of 200 words.  3. Support your allegation on accumulation analysis by citation an affirmation based commodity from the Chamberlain School of Nursing library. This area should be a minimum of 100 words.  D. List of Reference/References cited (Must accommodate your arbiter and one alternative affirmation based antecedent from the Chamberlain School of Nursing library. This is a minimum of two references.

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