I Am Sick of Unethical Business Practices

Friday I Abounding Out a Bad Acclaim Auto Accommodation Appliance at Cars. Com They Are Basically an Associate Site, By barb I am ailing of bent business practices. Let me acquaint you the adventure of yesterday, but we will alpha on Friday. Friday I abounding out a bad acclaim auto accommodation appliance at cars. Com They are basically an associate site, that submits your appliance so car dealers in our area, although I anticipation they specialized In bad credit, do not anticipate they absolutely do. Well about an hour afterwards I ample out the form, I get a alarm from Suzuki of Nashville. The woman, Amanda tells me I accept been accustomed for a $0 bottomward $99/MO appropriate they are running, and she additionally tells me "we are not a buy actuality pay actuality place", she additionally told me that by authoritative payments on time, It would advice my credit. So I acquaint her I may accept to assignment 8 hours the abutting day(Sat), but it will apparently be six hours, so I will be UT at pm. She tells me to appear into the dealership by 7:1 pm. So afterwards get off the buzz with her, I get addition alarm from Suzuki of Nashville, and the guy tells me that I will charge a co-signer. Well, I acquaint him that I had already talked to addition person(Amanda) and that she told me I was approved, he persisted that I would charge a co-signer _ Well I approved calling Amanda aback to ask her about It. But she was "unavailable". The abutting day comes, get out of work, accept a associate who gives me a ride, appear to the souse, and Walt while I booty a shower, afresh I and the o adult go bottomward to the dealership via a ride from the buddy. I approved calling Amanda again, but she was afresh not at her desk, and the adult that answered gave me a corpuscle buzz cardinal to alarm her with, but abruptness abruptness she did not answer. We go bottomward to the dealership and acquaint them we are there to see Amanda. She Is not available(HA), so some alternative being did our paperwork. And he comes aback from the acclaim administration and says you charge a co-signer. s bottomward there, and I would book a complaint with the ebb, which I did. That adventure leads to the abutting story.

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