I Am Sayings Of Jesus In Johns Gospel Religion Essay

The aim of this appointment is to exegetically discussing the ‘I AM’ sayings of Jesus aural John’s Gospel, accompaniment their acceptation to salvation. Jesus acclimated allegorical accent in talking about Himself and His accord to people. According to Tenney the acumen for Jesus application symbols was to allegorize assorted aspects of His ministry. John uses symbols to point to the adorable absoluteness arise in Jesus. In ablaze of this Butler states that the chat ‘symbol’ does not arise in the Bible however, both the Old and New Testament are affluent in allegorical language.


The columnist of John’s Gospel is not mentioned by name, but ‘early Christian sources announce this Gospel was accounting by John, the adherent and son of Zebedee, one of the twelve aggregation who was at the Passover meal with Jesus. John referred to himself as the admired adherent and beholder of the contest of Jesus life. He identifies himself as, “this is the adherent that testifies of these things, and wrote these things; and we apperceive that his affidavit is true” (John 21:24). John’s Gospel includes seven ‘I AM sayings absolute God as embodied in Jesus and His accord with Israel. God’s name I AM reveals His identity, His status, and His character, and was accustomed to Jesus so that He can acknowledge God’s celebrity to mankind,’ in the apple area abounding affirmation to be gods and saviours.

The Aliment of Life

This is the aboriginal of John’s sayings area he uses the allegory to acknowledge Jesus as life-giving food. As a accomplished the admission challenges the Galileans to accept in Jesus’ adorable agent and apotheosis so that they may accept constant activity now as able-bodied as at the end-time. John describes Jesus as the Son of Man, who is the accurate aliment that gives constant life; this teaching was a testing to see whether the admirers would adjudge to chase Christ or adios Him. Afterwards Jesus had annoyed the ache of bristles thousand bodies from adding bristles loaves of aliment and two fishes; they had became athirst afresh and asked Jesus to acquaint them about the airy accuracy about the aliment that nourished anniversary of them.

Milne claims that the Galileans had acquisitive calendar and a lacked the acquaintance of the needs of the heart. ‘For them God’s blessings are a chargeless aliment accumulation and a political Messiah who would rid them of their acrimonious Roman leaders. Their affair is with what they can do to advice the account along.’ They accepted accession phenomenon to prove His affirmation to accord constant life. They anticipation that assertive could appear abandoned by seeing miracles. Jesus credibility out to them that if they blot their present and approaching activity alive to accretion actual things and avoid the aliment accessible to them in Jesus, they will perish.

The bodies challenged Jesus affirmation that He had sole ascendancy by God to accord them constant food. They again began to adduce Scripture to Jesus by saying, ‘it is accounting that our antecedents ate blessing that was accustomed to them as aliment from heaven by Moses (Exodus 16:31). The point they were aggravating to accomplish actuality is that the blessing eaten by their antecedents had a adorable character. Jesus responded by acclimation their baloney of the scripture, and declared that the blessing had not appear from Moses but from God, his Father. Whereas the blessing (food) God supplied in the wilderness through Moses was decaying it gave concrete activity and acceptable concrete ache and was abandoned for the bodies of Israel. The aliment God gives through Jesus is the accurate constant aliment and is the allowance of activity for the accomplished world.

The bodies asked Jesus to accord them this aliment always, they did not accept what it was they were requesting. They did not apperceive the airy acceptation of the aliment accustomed nor that Jesus Himself is that food, but affected that Jesus was speaking of some affectionate of abnormal aliment that would be accessible whenever they acquainted hungry. This again prompts Jesus to assuredly say, ‘I am the aliment of life, who anytime comes to me will never go athirst and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.’

John states that they were focussing on the allowance afterwards recognising the giver, and saw Him as a admiration worker. Jesus is the constant food, He is the antecedent of activity imparts activity to humans, and to accept this activity one should appear to Him in acceptance not by works. Jesus’ affair is to accost them with their errors and point them to the accurate way to acquisition activity from God, they abandoned charge to accept and await on Him and on Him abandoned as the one the Father has beatific as a cede for the sin of the world.

The Ablaze of the World

The additional adage of Jesus affirmation to be the accurate Ablaze of the bodies of God, not abandoned of Israel, but of the accomplished world. Aural this admission it gives two agency of activity on apple which is bedeviled by two adverse armament ablaze and darkness. John uses account that were accepted in his time to affirm that anyone who believes in Jesus and obeys Him cannot be controlled by evil, and because Jesus is the Ablaze black cannot affected Him. In affiliate (8:24) Jesus battle with those who were in black because of their sin and unbelief, illustrates an advancing battle amid ablaze and black and added answer His affirmation as the Ablaze of the world’. What he is adage actuality is that abandoned He can advance bodies out of black into light, out of their apparition into truth, and from afterlife by giving the ablaze of life. Whoever follows Him will never airing in black but accept the ablaze of life. From this Jesus is adage that He has a different accord with the Father and He is the adumbration of the one and abandoned God, who is ablaze and salvation. Jesus is the Ablaze of the apple in the faculty that He is the brilliance of God’s celebrity in the world, and agent of the ablaze of God. In (Isa 49:6) He is additionally anamnesis as the Servant of the Lord who would be a ablaze for the Gentiles who will accompany conservancy to all mankind.

The Acceptable Attend and the Door

This admission contains two metaphorically I AM sayings whereby Jesus declares himself to be the Acceptable Attend and the Door. Actuality he promises aegis and a way of conservancy for his followers. Firstly by demography on the role of Attend Jesus reveals himself as the Christ and Attend King, who leads his bodies with compassion, attention and caring for them while accouterment a faculty of acceptance to himself and God. As the attend goes afore the sheep they in about-face humbly chase Him, dupe and abject His words and not the words of those who argue Him.

Secondly Jesus credibility out that there is abandoned one aperture into the sheepfold, implies that He is the abandoned aperture to Salvation. By proclaiming that He is the ‘door’ for the sheep, Jesus is adage that He is the abandoned way by which one can acquaintance God and His love; the abandoned one through whom adorable secrets and all-powerful activity are imparted to those who obey Him, He is their protector and the agency by which they admission airy nourishment, He is the abandoned way of advice amid heaven and earth. In accession to this Jesus claims that thieves and robbers who came afore Him can never admission the sheepfold to mislead the sheep (people). Actuality Jesus is apropos to the Pharisees, the Jewish leaders, who exercise ascendancy over the bodies of Israel by misinterpreting the Law to


their own advantage; and the leaders who attempt, to win the adherence of the bodies afore Christ came in the flesh. He says, “Like thieves, they admission was abstruse and crafty, and like robbers they were affianced in abandon and destruction” (Ezek 34:1). They had not been beatific by God either through Christ, but illegitimately affirmation leadership. Jesus states that the sheep shall no best chase or accept to the articulation of these apocryphal leaders, because they now apperceive and apprehend the articulation of the accurate shepherd.

The Awakening and Life

In affiliate eleven Jesus affirms He is the awakening and life, and John quotes that adopting Lazarus from the asleep at Bethany is a commencement to Jesus own afterlife and resurrection. He claims that the awakening activity is like a approaching acquaintance and a present reality. Secondly John claims that Jesus is the abandoned one who can accession the asleep and accord life. Therefore, the awakening and activity can abandoned be accomplished in Jesus. Consequently the chat ‘life’ is identical to ‘eternal life’, the all-powerful allowance accustomed to those who accept in Jesus.

Ultimately, those who accept His activity are built-in of the Spirit. Christ does not abandoned accession the asleep by His articulation giving life, but He is the awakening and the life, accepting the adeptness to awakening adequateness of life, additionally acknowledging that He works in absoluteness with God in adopting the dead.

According to Jesus, all animal beings will be adored afterwards afterlife to accept God’s judgement, for it is appointed for them to die once, and afterwards that to face judgement (Heb 9:27). The words ‘will never die’ does not affiance immortality, but those who accept in Jesus by acceptance will face concrete afterlife like every alternative animal being, but afterlife will accept no ascendancy over them. By the adeptness of Jesus they will acceleration up from the asleep to acquaintance adorable activity in all its fullness. Accordingly the one who lives and keeps on assertive will not perish eternally.

The Way, the Truth, and the Life

John sees this as Jesus pastoral accent delivered to His aggregation afore He leaves them to go to the Father. In animosity of their abutting accord with Jesus,


His aggregation still did not accept His destination. From this confounding Jesus makes His sixth I AM saying, and it is the abandoned one to be followed by three predicates. He acknowledge that he is ‘the way, the accuracy and the life,’ and that no one comes to the Father but through Him.

Here the ‘way’ is the one that is emphasised because it corresponds with Jesus’ account in (14:4) “Where I go you Know, and the way you know,” and Thomas analysis in (14:5), “Lord we do not apperceive area you are going; how can we apperceive the way?” The predicates ‘truth’ and ‘life’ are again added to explain the appellation ‘way’. In acknowledgment to Thomas’s catechism Jesus answers him by saying, “I am activity to be with God, the Father of us all.” So aback He states, ‘I am the way,’ He is adage that it is abandoned in accord with Him that one can adeptness God. Actuality John stresses that Jesus is God’s abandoned adumbration and the abandoned way of salvation. Jesus came from God and is activity aback to God by way of actuality crucified and again resurrected; He is God’s self-revelation and the one who is the abandoned way to God. The two nouns ‘truth’ and ‘life,’ acknowledge that Jesus is the accurate and active way to God, because He is the accuracy of God and the activity of God. Actuality John’s accent is on the actuality Jesus who is the way to the attendance of God there one will acquaintance constant joy. Parallel to ballad 6 is Psalm 16:11 which allege of those who chase the aisle of activity will acquaintance joy to the abounding in the attendance of God.

Jesus is the Chat embodied and teaches to His aggregation that He is the accurate and life-giving way to the attendance of God in accord and prosperity; Isaiah (30:23-26), additionally speaks of this abundance to the bodies who obey the word. As the way, Jesus gives us admission to the Father; He will additionally accommodate with Himself all those who assurance in Him aback He allotment to His Father. As the truth, Jesus reveals God as the Accuracy to the apple in His love, benevolence and deliverance. As the life, Jesus gives activity and accord to all those who accept in Him. Abandoned those who see God’s adulation and adherence in Jesus and draws appear Him, will apperceive the way to adeptness God, this is wholly bidding in His account no one comes to the Father except through me.


Since Jesus is the apotheosis of all-powerful accuracy and life, the abandoned way to admission the adorable annex is through Him.

The Vine

In the final I AM sayings Jesus uses the allegory of the backcountry and the branches. He reveals Himself as the accurate vine, and compares Himself with the bodies of Israel who he metaphorically declared as branches who had bootless to buck fruit, accordingly declining to acclaim God. Fortunately, what is accepted as abortion and absurd with man, can be angry into success and become accessible through Christ. Knowing He is from heaven and the activity He possesses is divine, He can additionally accumulation activity to the branches. Actuality John presents Jesus not as one who bears fruit, but as the antecedent of adeptness acceptance those who break in abutment with Him to buck bake-apple and fulfil the plan of God.

Hebrews 9:24 quotes that the chantry in heaven is alleged the ‘true tent’ and the alluvial altar is accepted as a archetype of the ‘true one’ that is in heaven.

Jesus reveals Himself to be ‘the accurate vine’. This backcountry is of adorable origin, and accordingly has the adeptness to acknowledge adorable absoluteness and accord activity to the branches which are affiliated with it. Jesus refers to God as the ‘vinedresser’ this shows us that God is the buyer and agriculturalist of the backcountry and the branches. The action of the branches is to ‘bear fruit’, in alternative words one charge to do acceptable deeds’ afterwards attrition (Luke 6:35, Matt 3:10). God expects acceptable works from animal beings, and abortion to accomplish them will advance to God’s judgement, consistent in one actuality afar from Him and to destruction. Those who buck bake-apple carbon Jesus’ activity by which the Father’s celebrity will be arise to the world. Jesus continues the allegory by apropos to all His aggregation saying, ‘every annex of mine’. Acceptation those who are affiliated with Jesus will be accustomed by the apple as His disciples. The Father, the vinedresser, takes abroad any branches that does not buck fruit, and prunes those that do.

Clearly what is apparent actuality is that God is the one who controls the accomplished action of fruit-bearing.


He purifies the backcountry to assure the fruit-bearing branches by removing branches that do not buck bake-apple acceptation followers of Christ who becomes unfaithful.

He takes them abroad from His bodies and appointment them to constant punishment. God additionally purifies the abounding branches by pruning them so that they will buck added fruit. God’s pruning of believers takes abode through the extenuative mission of Christ words and deeds.

Jesus tells His aggregation that they are already apple-pie by the chat He has spoken, which is the Father’s word. Actuality ‘word’ stands for the accomplished bulletin of conservancy preached and performed by Jesus who additionally declares God and His adulation to mankind. Those who accept Jesus and His chat by acceptance will see God’s Celebrity and are anesthetized from afterlife to life. The disciples, who accept accustomed Jesus’ word, are already clean; however, charwoman is a process; as continued as they accept in Christ God the Father will accept to apple-pie them so that they will buck added fruit. Jesus emphasises this point so that they realise the Father is already pruning them and they are already apple-pie authoritative them fit for abutment with Christ. They charge not attack to clean out angry from their minds or partake in any anatomy of brainwork in adjustment to accomplish abutment with God; for abutment with Christ, and in Him with God, is a allowance that has already been accustomed and charge to be accustomed by faith.

Jesus exhortation, ‘abide in me’ and ‘I in you’, is the key account in affiliate fifteen. Actuality Jesus issues a command, in agreement of the allegory of a backcountry and it branches. This allegory highlights the common activity of which the actuality who does the constant is allotment of. Activity for the abbey flows from Jesus, and one cannot blot activity from Him unless they are affiliated with Him. All one charge to do is to accept in abutment with Him. Aback we accept in Christ, and accomplish His chat our affair of brainwork in our accustomed activity in adulation and obedience, we can administer His chat to changes in our every day situation. Believers can be accomplished by Jesus’ activity through apperception on and arresting His words.


Jesus came into the apple from heaven to accompany conservancy to mankind, by giving up His own activity as a cede on the cross. God’s name ‘I AM’ and celebrity are accustomed to Him absolute them to those who accept in Him as the all-powerful Messiah beatific by God into the world. He has all-powerful ascendancy and delegated adeptness to accord adorable activity to anybody who comes to Him. There is no alternative actuality one can attending for all-powerful activity except in the one whom God has authorized. So to chase and accept in Jesus is the abandoned way to salvation, as we beam from His I AM sayings. Conservancy is no best bedfast to the nation of Israel but is continued to all nations of the world.

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