COMPLETE THE HYPOTHESIS AND RESEARCH DESIGN SECTION. --------------------------------------- Instructions: Hypothesis: Since your hypotheses may serve as your analysis questions (what you plan to measure/examine), account the questions and again catechumen them into hypotheses. Analysis questions charge be alone questions that admeasurement alone one account (one catechism = one measurement). A brace of questions are accepted in this area (typically 2 to 4). You MUST catechumen these questions into acceptable hypotheses format. For example: If addition grows up in a poor neighborhood, they will be added acceptable to be complex with abomination than addition in a average or aloof neighborhood. A antecedent is a account and not a question. The Analysis Architecture (Methodology) Section: This area should accommodate the clairvoyant with a arbitrary of the research. You will abode the analysis problem, the analysis questions (hypotheses) that charge to be addressed to boldness this problem, the analysis adjustment (qualitative or quantitative), how you will baddest your sample population, how you will aggregate your data, and how you will assay your data. In short, your analysis architecture should allegorize the “step by step” admonition that would accredit addition researcher to  assassinate your analysis if you are clumsy to conduct the abstraction yourself. Think of this as admonition from how to get to point A to point B. This detail is all-important as it demonstrates that you accept how to best conduct your analysis for your topic. References: Incorporate your references into this area and accommodate one absolute list. Bethink to use APA 6th Edition format. If you accept a commendation in the anatomy of your work, you charge accommodate the adapted advertence in the advertence section. Also, if you accept a advertence in your advertence section, you charge accept a commendation from that appointment about in the anatomy of your work. The citations and references charge bout up. You will be carefully captivated to the APA standards. Use able citations and references! Submission Instructions:  This cardboard is account 20-points and is due Sunday of Week 6. You are to abide your Antecedent (Research Questions) and Analysis Architecture (Methodology) in a Word certificate with your references. Upload your MS Word certificate to this appointment as an adapter as Turnitin will appraise your analogous percent. Please bethink to accumulate your analogous percent to 10% (direct and in-direct quotes). IMPORTANT: The cardboard charge accommodated the APA 6th Edition architecture belief accustomed by the American Psychological Association. Again, the absorbed of this area is for you to explain what you will do to aggregate and assay your data. It is not advised for you to explain what you did as you did not backpack out the abounding abstraction in this course. Also the ambition is to allege in the approaching close back you complete this section.  

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