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These are all abbreviate answers, 3 sentences or more. No behemothic paragraphs.  5. Amuse explain why the Sui Dynasty was able to accumulate the Chinese citizenry into a distinct state, why the Tang Dynasty acquired a blooming of Chinese culture, and why the Song Dynasty was clumsy to bottle the accord of China back it was confronted by the Nomadic Dynasties.   6. Amuse appraise the altercation that, back comparing Chinese access in Vietnam, Korea, and Japan, the better bulk of access occurred in Korea, and the aboriginal bulk of access occurred in Vietnam. Amuse use specific facts to abutment your arguments.   7. Amuse use specific facts about technological, economic, and political history to appraise the altercation that the ENSO (also called “El Nino”) acclimate arrangement bargain the amount of abstruse advance in the Mesoamerican and Andean Civilizations, and as a result, they did not ad-lib aggressive technologies that would accept accustomed them to assuredly repulse the invasions by Spain during the 1500s.    8. Amuse use specific facts to absolve the altercation that, during the Medieval Era (476 CE to 1402 CE), the Sub-Saharan African Civilizations decidedly alternate in cultural and bread-and-butter exchanges with Europe and Asia. In your answer, amuse do not accede the Prehistoric Era (to 3200 BCE) and the Ancient Era (3200 BCE to 476 CE).  

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