PLEASE USE THE RESOURCES THAT ARE LISTED BELOW   Answer the questions; to get abounding credit, MUST accommodate the catechism and acknowledgment on a Word file.    First, accustom yourself with the basal compassionate of the three branches of Government and how they operate. https://www.usa.gov/branches-of-government You will charge a anatomic compassionate of the Branches, their roles and how they operate. Next, by briefly browsing the web armpit presenting the Red Book for Principles of Federal Appropriations Law, empiric by Federal Agencies, attainable at http://www.gao.gov/legal/red-book/overview Notice the references Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS). For all Federal Agencies, the adviser for audits and advertisement on centralized ascendancy is in the Yellow Book http://gao.gov/products/GAO-12-331G attainable as a pdf book at http://gao.gov/products/GAO-12-331G an cyberbanking html adaptation is available. Admission the pod casting overview of the Yellow Book at http://www.gao.gov/multimedia/podcasts/656740 (transcript provided). The Federal Government additionally presents Standard for Centralized Ascendancy as the Green Book at http://www.gao.gov/greenbook/overview Review advice about the Revised Federal Banking Management System Requirements for Budgetary Advertisement by accessing the web pages at https://tfm.fiscal.treasury.gov/v1/p6/c950.html Review this web armpit as an overview of Bureau of the Budgetary Service of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, carrying axial acquittal casework to Federal Program Agencies, managing federal government's collections and drop systems, accouterment government-wide accounting and advertisement services. https://www.fiscal.treasury.gov/ Review this web armpit to apprentice added about the abundant applications that the Budgetary Service provides. This includes axial accounting and banking advertisement for government as a whole, debt collection, accounting systems, collections and alternative systems. https://www.fiscal.treasury.gov/ Learn about the Current Statutory Framework for Federal Banking Advertisement and Recent Legislation – highlights specific Federal Bureau issues and accomplishments accompanying to Federal Banking Management as you admission the web site https://www.fas.org/sgp/crs/misc/R42975.pdf “The Chief Banking Officers Act of 1990—20 Years Later: Report to the Congress and the Comptroller General” presents 33 pages answer the CFO Act and Banking Management Systems for the Federal Government https://www.ignet.gov/sites/default/files/files/cigiecforpt0711.pdf HW #1  1.  An bureau has an allocation for $500,000, and obligates for $550,000 citation the appropriation. Is the spending allowable?  Why or why not? 2. An bureau has a distinct year allocation for Budgetary Year 2016, and obligates on December 29, 2016, citation the appropriation. Is this allowable? Why or why not? 3. Which annex of the government rules on the amends of laws?  4. Is the Account of Budgetary Resources different for federal entities?  5. The Prompt Acquittal Act, which is in the U.S.C, an archetype of federal banking policy. T/F 6. The Account of Changes in Net Position is different for federal entities, and does not accept a agnate account in the for-profit realm.  T/F  7. Review and Audit is allocation of the federal account cycle. T/F 8. Assuming mission analytical functions is allocation of the federal account aeon (performing the assignment and not advantageous for the functions).  T/F 9. The GAO rules on allocation law is accepted as the Yellow Book. T/F 10. OMB allows agencies to Allot funds; an bureau charge accept approval from OMB to actualize an allotment. T/F

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