Writing Assignment: An Assay of William Wyler’s film, The Letter (1940) The Autograph Appointment on William Wyler’s film. N.B.: You can watch this blur afresh by renting and alive it on amazon.com for $2.99. Amuse blazon into the amazon.com chase engine: William Wyler, The Letter and you can beck the video on their website. Directions and Guidelines This autograph appointment asks you to address a abbreviate cardboard allegory William Wyler’s film, The Letter (1940) by answering ONE of the afterward sets of alert questions below. In addition, amuse draw aloft abstracts from chic lectures and in-class discussion. For this assignment, you charge address a three-page (maximum four-page) commodity answering of the alert questions below. The appointment asks you to assay Hollywood representations of the “Others” in Wyler’s film. Your commodity should be neatly typed and angled spaced (with one-inch margins, and be abiding to cardinal your pages). More important, amuse anatomy your commodity about a apriorism statement, and adapt your beheld assay and altercation of two specific scenes from the blur into a adamant argument. Note: Amuse be abiding to acquire two specific scenes that accredit you to analyze and adverse how Asians (or “Others”) against the hegemonic (“dominant” or “superior” race) Whites are represented in Wyler’s film. Research Please apprehend Richard A. Oehling, “The Yellow Menace: Asian Images in American Film,” in your advance clairvoyant (Canvas, beneath “Readings, anniversary 1”), which provides you with a abrupt history of how Asians are portrayed in Hollywood films. As I already mentioned, this autograph appointment requires no assay aloft account Richard A. Oehling’s commodity acquaint in a binder on Canvas, beneath “Readings, anniversary 1”. However, back appropriate, amuse advertence Oehling’s commodity in able footnotes (or endnotes). There are abounding altered styles of footnotes and endnotes. Amuse use the Chicago Style of footnotes and endnotes and you can acquisition apprenticeship and examples atthe Perdue University Online Autograph Lab (OWL):https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/chicago_manual_17th_edition/books.ht ml Note: Should you charge to apprentice how to use footnotes, this is a actual advantageous online resource. Please agenda additionally that we do not acquire Web sites as sources (i.e., do not use Google or Wikipedia for this assignment).  Note: Amuse DO NOT ample your pages with a arbitrary of the artifice of the film. Keep in apperception that you are asked to accommodate your own analysis, not address a synopsis. Rest assured that we accept apparent this blur abounding times, so aloof acknowledgment the artifice back it is accordant to your argument. You will get an automated “F” on your cardboard if you duke in a cardboard that is artlessly a arbitrary of the adventure anecdotal in the film. Warning: If you do not chase the aloft admonition and guidelines, you accident declining the autograph assignment. DO NOT PLAGIARISM N.B.: In the age of abundant internet admission and acute phone, we all about-face to google for advice and appropriately it is actual important that you abstain artful advice and writings from the internet and affirmation them as your own work. Amuse be honest and admiring of absorb laws by footnoting and crediting your sources properly. Warning: If you get bent plagiarizing, you will get an automated “F” on the appointment and in the course. We will address your delinquency to the provost of your corresponding colleges and your case will be handled according to the regulations and behavior as categorical in the aloft websites. Prompt Questions: What specific country (or countries) is (are) referred to in the film? How are Asians represented and portrayed in Wyler’s film? How does the atramentous and white architecture of Wyler’s blur accommodate itself to beheld representations of this racial/colonial binary? How do the accomplish up, dress, speech, facial, and concrete expressions accord to the ancestral adverse amid the two capital changeable characters in the film: Mrs. Hammond, “the Eurasian woman” (Gale Sondergaard), and Leslie Crosbie (Bette Davis)? Discuss back and how Leslie Crosbie crochets in the film. In what means does Crosbie’s action angle metaphorically as a beheld anecdotal cilia that helps to untangle the film’s circuitous anecdotal artifice into a articular story? In what situations and affairs do we see Crosbie adornment in the film? How ability we adapt the applique capote that Crosbie wore to accommodated Mrs. Hammond accompanying to this burden of blind and actualization of her accurate face and her hidden motive? How does the assuming of Ong Chi Seng’s actualization (Victor Sen Yung) in the blur afford ablaze on European and white American perceptions of “Asian” men? Is he portrayed as masculine? Is he represented as a acceptable and aboveboard character? In what means does the beheld delineation of autogenous amplitude in the blur announce ancestral differences? How does the lighting of spaces brighten the allegory apple of the white colonialists (expatriates) against the “Others”? How ability the annex (or the abridgement thereof) and its specific affiliation with the actualization of the “Asians” (or “Others”) in the blur afford ablaze on Hollywood perceptions and characterizations of the “Others” as dark, abstruse and appropriately not calmly legible?

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