The purpose of this appointment is to advice you hone your analytical cerebration skills. You will accommodate annual and criticism of a approach of pop culture. You may acquire either Mass Cultural Approach or Analytical Theory. For this appointment you will accommodate a abundant altercation of a approach of pop ability and accommodate analytical altercation of this theory. Your article should accommodate some altercation of the afterward questions: 1. What or who determines accepted culture? Area does accepted ability appear from? Does it appear from the bodies themselves as an free announcement of their interests and modes of experience, or is it imposed from aloft by those in positions of ability as a blazon of amusing control? 2. Describe how commercialization and industrialization influences accepted culture. Does abbreviation ability to article beggarly that the belief of advantage and marketability booty antecedence over quality, artistry, candor and bookish challenge? Or does it aftereffect in a accepted bazaar area what is accepted absolutely accord to what bodies appetite and anticipate is valuable. Does marketability and advantage absolutely aftermath affection art or does it alone annual business interests. 3. Is accepted ability acclimated to ascendancy and indoctrinate the people? Is it acclimated to get bodies to acquire and attach to annual and ethics which will ensure the connected ascendancy of a authentic aristocratic and acquiesce them to exercise ability over them? Or is accepted ability about apostasy and action to the prevailing amusing order? Is pop cultural a ad-lib 18-carat access of adroitness or is it aloof a agency through which a boss accumulation contest ascendancy of society. After you accommodate an authentic annual of one of these theories of pop culture, you should again assay the strengths and weaknesses of the theory. Can you analyze some objections to the theory? You can assay objections, but you charge to argue acclaimed sources. (CLO#1) Create a analytic accounting altercation about ethics and accepted ability which includes bookish research. Criteria: Provides authentic assay of pop culture, application assay on one of these theories of pop culture, including strengths and weaknesses of this theory.  Analyze how pop ability is acclimated in commercialization, industrialization and conduct of society.  Provide examples of pop ability artifacts that abutment your attitude on how pop ability is acclimated to access others.

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