Referencing one of the Acquirements Assets below, accept a (one) catechism in the analysis activity account and acknowledgment it in affiliation to posthumanism. In alternative words amusement posthumanism as a new technology or abstruse way of being. Learning Resources · posthuman | The Chicago School of Media Theory: · Critical Posthumanism: · Which decisions should we leave to algorithms? | Aeon Essays: · True AI is both logically accessible and absolutely doubtful | Aeon Essays: · Arnold Toynbee shines a ablaze on the humanities’ role today | Aeon Essays: · Artificial Intelligence and Human Nature | The New Atlantis : · Human Nature is Here to Stay | The New Atlantis: · Why Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence Will Evolve Together, by Stephen Hsu: Questions: the analysis activity account (Answer alone one in affiliation to the acquirements assets above). What      is the botheration for which this technology is the solution? Whose      problem is it? Which      people and what institutions ability be best actively afflicted by a      technological solution? What      new problems ability be created because we accept apparent this problem? What      sort of bodies and institutions ability access appropriate bread-and-butter and political      power because of abstruse change? What      changes in accent are actuality activated by new technologies, and what is      being acquired and absent by such changes? This appointment needs to be amid 200-300 words.

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