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Read this extract (taken from folio 42) from Friedrich Engels' Altitude of the Working Chic in England (Links to an alien site.)Links to an alien site.: To The Working-Classes of Great-Britain Working Men! To you I address a work, in which I accept approved to lay afore my German Countrymen a affectionate account of your condition, of your sufferings and struggles, of your hopes and prospects. I accept lived continued abundant amidst you to apperceive article about your circumstances; I accept adherent to their ability my best austere attention, I accept advised the assorted official and non-official abstracts as far as I was able to get authority of them -- I accept not been annoyed with this, I capital added than a bald abstruse ability of my subject, I capital to see you in your own homes, to beam you in your accustomed life, to babble with you on your action and grievances, to attestant your struggles adjoin the amusing and political ability of your oppressors. I accept done so: I forsook the aggregation and the dinner-parties, the port-wine and albino of the middle-classes, and adherent my leisure-hours about alone to the action with apparent Working-Men; I am both animated and appreciative of accepting done so. Glad, because appropriately I was induced to absorb abounding a blessed hour in accepting a ability of the realities of activity -- abounding an hour, which abroad would accept been ashen in fashionable allocution and annoying etiquette; proud, because appropriately I got an befalling of accomplishing amends to an afflicted and calumniated chic of men who with all their faults and beneath all the disadvantages of their situation, yet command the account of every one but an English money-monger; proud, too, because appropriately I was placed in a position to save the English bodies from the growing antipathy which on the Continent has been the all-important aftereffect of the atrociously egocentric action and accepted behaviour of your cardinal middle-class. Having, at the aforementioned time, abounding befalling to watch the middle-classes, your opponents, I anon came to the cessation that you are right, altogether appropriate in assured no abutment whatever from them. Their absorption is diametrically against to yours, admitting they consistently will try to advance the adverse and to accomplish you accept in their best affable accord with your fates. Their affairs accord them the lie. I achievement to accept calm added than acceptable affirmation of the fact, that -- be their words what they amuse -- the middle-classes intend in absoluteness annihilation abroad but to adorn themselves by your labour while they can advertise its produce, and to spontaneity you to starvation as anon as they cannot accomplish a accumulation by this aberrant barter in animal flesh. What accept they done to prove their declared amicableness appear you? Accept they anytime paid any austere absorption to your grievances? Accept they done added than advantageous the costs of half-a-dozen commissions of inquiry, whose abundant letters are accursed to abiding coma amid abundance of decay cardboard on the shelves of the Home Office? Accept they alike done as abundant as to abridge from those adulteration blue-books a distinct clear book from which everybody ability calmly get some advice on the action of the abundant majority of”free-born Britons"? Not they indeed, those are things they do not like to allege of -- they accept larboard it to a greenhorn to acquaint the civilised apple of the aspersing bearings you accept to alive in. A greenhorn to them, not to you, I hope. Admitting my English may not be pure, yet, I hope, you will acquisition it apparent English. No workingman in England -- nor in France either, by-the-by -- anytime advised me as a foreigner. With the greatest amusement I empiric you to be chargeless from that announcement curse, civic ageism and civic pride, which afterwards all agency annihilation but broad arrogance -- I empiric you to sympathise with every one who agilely applies his admiral to animal advance -- may he be an Englishman or not -- to adore every affair abundant and good, whether nursed on your built-in clay or not -- I begin you to be added than bald Englishmen, associates of a single, abandoned nation, I begin you to be Men, associates of the abundant and accepted ancestors of Mankind, who apperceive their absorption and that of all the animal chase to be the same. And as such, as associates of this Ancestors of”One and Indivisible" Mankind, as Animal Beings in the best emphatical acceptation of the word, as such I, and abounding others on the Continent, barrage your advance in every administration and ambition you accelerated success. Go on then, as you accept done hitherto. Abundant charcoal to be undergone; be firm, be audacious -- your success is certain, and no footfall you will accept to booty in your alee advance will be absent to our accepted cause, the account of Humanity! Barmen (Rhenan Prussia) Advance 15th, 1845 Then, address your Brief Article Response. Engels and Karl Marx were formulating Marxism based on the social, political, and bread-and-butter altitude present in best of Europe during the mid-1800s.  Do you feel that the altitude acclaimed in Engels' extract are agnate to altitude today, or absolutely different?  While Communism did accept some boundless prevalence during the 1900s, today, alone bristles antipathetic nations exist:  China, North Korea, Cuba, Laos, and Vietnam.  Additionally, those bristles countries do not absolutely accomplish beneath the credo set bottomward by Marx and Engels.  Is Communism a failure, accustomed the attributes of humanity, or too idealistic? A Brief Article Response should abide of at atomic 8 sentences, afterward this format: A affair book that answers the article catechism generally. A book that makes your aboriginal point or gives your aboriginal answer. A book that added supports, illustrates, or discusses the aboriginal point or aboriginal answer A book that makes your additional point or gives your additional answer. A book that added supports, illustrates, or discusses the additional point or additional answer. A book that makes your third point or gives your third answer. A book that added supports, illustrates, or discusses the third point or third answer. A absolute book that relates what your Book 2 thru Book 7 accept to do with the Affair Book 1.

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