Humanisitic Perspective

The Humanistic Angle The humanistic angle in attitude says that we are amenable for our accomplishments back it comes to violence. I accept that the humanistic angle is the best way to call the accomplishments of violence. There are abounding examples of this that accept been advised that abutment this perspective. Some examples of abandon that abutment this angle accommodate Joel Rifkin, the two kids adventure kill. Humanistic attitude is the effective appearance of animal self-determination. It is the estimation of the behavior of addition is intentional. This agency someone’s accomplishments with abandon are their best and they are acquainted of what they are doing. The humanistic angle believes the being who is acting abandon is amenable for their actions. Abandon in my assessment can be best explained in the humanistic theory. Bodies apperceive what they are accomplishing and it is their best if they appetite to do it. Back it comes to abandon bodies are able of alive what is appropriate and what is wrong. In the case of Joel Rifkin, he was a consecutive analgesic who murdered prostitutes in the aboriginal 1990’s in New York City. He was absolutely acquainted of what he was accomplishing and his accomplishments were intended. In an account afterwards he was bedevilled Rifkin told board the acumen abaft why he connected to kill. He said that there was a adventure to killing and it gave him a blitz of adrenaline. This is an exact archetype of the humanistic angle because he accomplished what he was accomplishing and the after-effects that may appear forth with his accomplishments and he connected with his abandon outbursts. A adventure killing is advised annihilation committed by a being who is not necessarily adversity from brainy instability, and does not accept annihilation adjoin them, but is instead motivated by the arduous action of the act. In the case area the two adolescent boys acted out and dead one of their classmates for the “thrill” of it is a absolute archetype of the humanistic theory. Although they were adolescent they knew that killing addition for fun was amiss and they did it anyways. Their behavior was advised and pre-determined. These abhorrent crimes are abundant examples of the humanistic abstraction and why it is the best important angle back belief violence.

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