Human Services M3A2

  Self-Analysis In this assignment, you will aces two of your abounding identities to  research and assay in agreement of how anniversary character may affect your  provision of services. Tasks: Identify one indigenous (White female) and one cultural  (i.e., this could be religion, animal orientation, etc.) important  identities about yourself. For example, African American or white. Conduct bookish analysis to apprentice about the ethics and assumptions  that accompany anniversary character and to apprentice about how anniversary character can  influence animal casework in a multicultural and assorted setting. In a 5- to 6-page paper, assay and present your findings. Make abiding that you abode the afterward in your analysis: Describe anniversary character and the ethics and assumptions therein. Compare and adverse the two identities. What are the similarities amid the two? What are the differences? Explain how you ability accommodate the differences amid the two identities. Identify the strengths and weaknesses anniversary character provides in a able animal account setting. Explain how you can advance both identities to absolutely access a able animal account setting.

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