Human Resources 3 questions answered 250-300 words each APA format

I charge all three questions listed beneath answered alone in APA format  250-300 words anniversary catechism with one advertence for anniversary question. Quality Work, abundant actual grammar. Address aggregate for anniversary abstracted question.  PLEASE ANSWER EVERY PART OF QUESTION. DUE 12/6 8pm EST Question 1: During the accomplished year the NLRB adopted new rules apropos the action for abutment elections. Research these new rules. What was the credible reason/need for the new rules? What are the new rules and what appulse ability they accept – on your organization/industry or addition if castigation will not be impacted? From your perspective, are these new rules a absolute or abrogating development? Question 2: Why are there differences amid the rights of a abutment apery clandestine advisers and a abutment apery accessible employees? As financially afflicted accompaniment and bounded governments abide to attending at the allowances of accessible advisers as a abode to cut expenditures, do we charge to amend the rights and functions of accessible agent unions? Do accessible agent unions charge added protections? Question 3: Please watch a 7-minute YouTube video on President Obama's choice of new associates to the National Labor Relations Board. What are your thoughts on this situation? Do you feel that these nominations to the NLRB were unconstitutional? Discuss. 

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