Human Resources #3

  Leslie was active at a attach salon for 15 years afore it went out of business. She alleged Attach Temp, a bounded acting specializing in adorableness and salon services. On June 14, 2000, Attach Acting placed Nancy at a bounded salon alleged Attach Perfection. Nancy formed 40 hours a anniversary and started authoritative abundant accompany at Attach Perfection. She admired their new ergonomic chairs and was blessed to use all the latest cosmetics that Attach accomplishment provided. Every week, she would stop by Attach Acting on the way home to aces up her paycheck. Leslie was thrilled. Despite Leslie’s success at work, however, she struggled at home. Her adopted babe Wendy consistently managed to date the amiss men, and developed a biologic problem. On April 20, 2001, Wendy had a babyish boy, Rudy. One morning in May 2001, Wendy alone Rudy off with Leslie and promptly took off with her latest beau. Leslie provided for Rudy from the time he was 1 ages old. He lived in her abode and she provided his commons and his care. Wendy occasionally contributed to his support, and came by about already a ages for a visit. In January of 2003, Leslie was offered a abounding time position at Attach Perfection. Her bang-up bankrupt the acceptable account by saying, “Great news! No charge to bead by the old acting bureau anymore – you are one of us now!” In April of that aforementioned year, Rudy fell bottomward and bankrupt both accoutrements and both legs. With so abounding casts, Rudy appropriate abounding time care. Leslie requested FMLA leave to booty affliction of her grandson. When she asked her boss, he said, “Ooooh- ambition we could help. But back you accept alone formed actuality for 3 months, we don’t accept to accommodate FMLA.” When Leslie protested, he said, “Honestly, Leslie, I’m sorry, but I can’t advice you. Besides you can’t booty leave for him because he is not your absolute son and your babe was adopted! No way I accept to accord you FMLA leave.” Leslie was frustrated. She contacts you to advice her out. Please altercate any arguments Leslie should accomplish to abutment her FMLA claim.

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