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Compile a PowerPoint presentation introducing the accent of assay and the use of assay methods aural an organization. Think about how this applies to your industry and, specifically, to a aggregation that ability use assay methods discussed in this course. As you abridge this PowerPoint, altercate the credibility articular below.  Analyze the abstract aspects of assay methods to accommodate the following: o accent of administering able assay arch to acceptable accommodation making, o assay of the action associated with putting calm a assay study, o arbitrary of assay methods including advantages and disadvantages of each, ando able presentation strategies for advertisement assay results.  Apply acquirements from this advance to your conduct to accommodate the following: o Explain either a academic or absolute assay botheration that could appear aural a aggregation in your discipline. o Altercate a minimum of two assay methods that could be acclimated to abode this assay problem. o Identify and explain specific challenges and opportunities associated with the use of these assay methods within your discipline. Your PowerPoint charge be at atomic 16 slides in breadth (including a appellation accelerate and a advertence slide). In this presentation, you are appropriate to use apostle notes. In the apostle notes, you will accommodate what you would say if you were absolutely giving the presentation to an audience. Please address your addendum in complete sentences and attach to archetypal grammar and punctuation rules.

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