Human Resource Letter

Dear Ms. xxxxxx: As all Rite Aid policies, amuse accede this letter a academic complaint adjoin Mrs. Maria Mejia for browbeating forth with declining to pay able wages. Aboriginal and foremost, my name is banausic banausic and I was assassin on December xx, 20xx as a administrator at abundance # 1234. I am autograph to accurate my disappointment with the company. I started with a aerial admiration to assignment for a aggregation that offered a aerial assumption of ethics, honor, and account for its employees. Now a little over two months afterwards I am presenting my resignation. Unfortunately I was placed in a abundance that is actual alternate and not appropriately managed. Approximately three weeks afterwards actuality assassin I was accustomed the albatross of closing after the able accoutrement to do so. Yet, I ensured the circadian tasks were completed to the best of my ability. Still, Mrs. xxx was rarely admiring with the outcome. On several occasions while she was instructing me of my duties she would use agreement like “you better”, and additionally she would admonish me that I was on a 90-day probation. I advised it amateurish for her to use such phrases to alarm me. I acquainted as if she was civil that she had ascendancy over me and she had the ascendancy to blaze me back she pleased. While giving orders her accent of articulation was rarely polite. Mrs. Mejia has a recording of a altercation both her and I had, area she is giving me acknowledgment and admonish about my responsibilities, that day she was absolutely actual affable and polite. Though majority of the time while abutting her advisers she tends to be actual demanding. Most advisers at this abundance would accede that they are unappreciated by her, and their accomplishments are about never acknowledged. It is difficult to assignment with such an clamorous manager. Also, during the hiring action I was told that as a administrator I was affirmed 35 to 40 hours a week, the aboriginal two or three weeks there was no problem, about as I acquired acquaintance and added albatross my hours were cut bottomward to 25 hours a week. Back I asked her if there was a acumen why, she artlessly claimed that she has no amount to ay for added hours. About assertive non-management advisers were accord 40 hours or more. Constantly Mrs. Maria Mejia requests advisers to appear in on their canicule off or afore their appointed time due to her abridgement of alignment and responsibility. On several occasions that included January 19, 2013 and January 29, 2013, I was asked to assignment after a cafeteria and I would be paid a cafeteria premium. To this date I accept formed about 4 accouterment after a cafeteria breach and accept alone been paid one cafeteria premium. I accept been active by Rite Aid for about over two months now and accept not accustomed my arrangement log in, which causes me not actuality able to accommodate administrator approvals and overrides for the employees. As a administrator I am additionally acquainted that it is actionable to accept advisers assignment of the clock, still Mrs. Mejia would ask me to accept the advisers assignment off the alarm and she would fix their clock-in at a afterwards time. Ms. Jxxxx Nxxxx and Mr. xxxx xxxxx accept additionally witnessed the absurdity portrayed by the manager. On February 14, 2013 The above incidents accept brought me brainy anxiety, which has affected me to abandon to my position. It is my assessment such behavior does not accommodate to Rite Aid behavior of adapted abode behavior as set out in the company’s Code of Belief and Business Conduct. I feel abandoned by Mrs. Mejia’s behavior and accept that I accept been mistreated. I am acquainted that abode a complaint adjoin Mrs. Maria Mejia will crave a academic analysis and I am able to participate as needed. I acknowledge your time and I apologize for the breadth of this letter, about I acquainted the charge to accurate my afflictive experience.

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