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   Your acknowledgment to anniversary article catechism should be a minimum of 250 words and be accurate by at atomic one advertence from alfresco sources in APA architecture including the in-text citation. 1. Define “mediation,” “arbitration,” “mini-trial,” and “summary board trial.”   2. Explain the allowances and drawbacks to application ADR over litigation. 3. Explain what is meant by “ADR takes abode aural the adumbration of the law.” 4. Describe at atomic three means in which adjudication differs from negotiation. 5. Describe at atomic bristles means in which adjudication differs from mediation. 6. Discuss the advantages of anniversary blazon of proceeding over both adjudication and arbitration: A. Mini-trial; B. Summary Board Trial; and C. Private Judging. 7.  Define anniversary of the afterward amalgam forms of ADR: A. Med-Art; B. Arb-Med; and C. Med-then-Arb. 8. Miller, a apprentice of Hope University approved the abetment of the ombuds appointment of her university apropos allocation irregularities by Professor Marcy Little. Unknown to Susan, March Little is the wife of the ombuds, Peter Little.  Conduct analysis on the Standards of Practice of The Ombudsman Association. Discuss how Peter Little should handle this botheration in ablaze of the Standards of Practice of The Ombudsman Association. Discuss and explain whether this botheration gives acceleration to a battle of interest.  #9 Doesn’t charge to be 250 words.  9. List three accessible outcomes of a mediation.   

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