Human resource

RESPOND ONLY : In this week’s discussion, we are asked to allegorize the dynamics of employer-employee relationships. It is important for the jobs and job descriptions to be up to date and accommodate all the job functions of the employee. I additionally accept in agent accepting of their job description as it holds the agent answerable for their own ability and productivity. It is actual important that the accord amid the employer and the agent are acutely outlined, so there is no confounding of what is expected.  At the hospital, I assignment for there is a bright curve amid apprenticed or per-diem employees and abounding time employees. This changes in the allowances anniversary accept and what they are acceptable for to participate in. This makes it easier for anybody to accept their role and how they are able to bell in to issues involving abode policies. "Now is the time for agencies to revisit the cachet of absolute architect relationships. It is acute that bureau owners accept the accepted rules and regulations for an absolute architect relationship" (Schoeffler & Oak, 2018). Our administration re-visits every arrangement at the end of the budgetary year and reappoints anniversary abounding time agent and per-diem agent in adjustment to accomplish abiding anniversary is captivation their end of the contract. For absolute contractors, they accept to accommodated a minimum claim of hours in adjustment to break on lath with the hospital as one of the allowances for alive as an absolute architect is the accountability allowance that is supplied by the hospital to the per diem employee. 

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