Human Population Growth as an Environmental Problem

The article to be adjourned in this cardboard discusses the accord amid the animal citizenry advance to ecology problems. The article argues that animal citizenry advance leads to the access of ecology problems due to the animal population’s disability to admit the accent of the environment. It argues that ‘individual behavior’ is the ‘main cause’ of ecology problems. In adjustment to prove the affirmation that animal citizenry advance and the connected convenance of accomplishments that advance to ecology problems is the capital account of ecology problems; the columnist of the article provides examples in which ecology problems are enabled by animal actions. For instance, the columnist credibility out that animal citizenry advance leads to the added use of air communicable chemicals that added advance to the access in air pollution. Another instance defined by the columnist is how ecology abasement [in the anatomy of the abasement of grasslands] is a aftereffect of animal beings’ admiration for profit. The columnist ends his cardboard by claiming that in adjustment for ecology problems to be solved, it is all-important that animal beings become added acquainted of how their accomplishments affect the environment. Given the capital altercation as able-bodied as the capital credibility presented in the said essay, it is important to agenda that although the columnist is actual in arguing that there is a accord amid animal practices as able-bodied as animal citizenry advance to the ecology problems; the columnist was clumsy to specify how citizenry advance affects ecology problems. In adjustment to break this, the columnist may accept argued that access in animal citizenry leads to the access in the appeal for food, space, water, energy, and alternative assets (Diamond 494). Such an access will advance to ecology problems accustomed the absence of the accepted food, space, water, activity etc. assets accumulated with the accepted careless practices of animal beings. Work Cited Diamond, Jared. Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed. New York: Penguin, 2006.

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