Human Computer Interface (HCI)

  Everything we blow that is cyberbanking has a Human to Computer Interface (HCI). Some companies put a lot of accomplishment into the user experience; some, not so much. Some are actual circuitous with astronomic functionality (computer operating systems and smartphones) and some are abundant simpler (ATMs, gas base pumps, action admission machines, cine dispensing machines). For this assignment, accept either a simple interface (one with a few options) or a atypical action of a added circuitous account (like a atypical action of your smartphone, such as to actualize and accelerate an email). Remember that there are several options for abounding of these. Visit the interface that you chose. NOTE: Keep your alternative to article simple, as you will acquisition there are abounding options alike in a simple task. Write a cardboard in which you abode the following: Research history and accomplishments of the HCI (just a few of paragraphs). From your called HCI, call all the accomplish and options that are accessible to use and complete the task.  Build an Action Diagram such as those on pages 138 Figure 5-5 and 139 Figure 5-6 of the textbook. Use Visio, MS Word or your best of affairs that can actualize an action diagram. YOU NEED TO CREATE THE DIAGRAM, NOT TAKE ONE FROM THE INTERNET. Reflect on the experience. Do you feel the action you chose was able-bodied designed? Do you anticipate it can be improved? Use at atomic 2 affection resources. NOTE: Wikipedia and agnate websites do not authorize as affection resources. 

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