Human and Technology

March 2013 Technopoly Neil Postman’s 1992 book, advantaged Technopoly: The Surrender of Ability to Technology, is one that explores the abhorrence of the growing ability that we accept become a association bedeviled by technology. Although abounding bodies in todays day and age would say that technology and the ample arrangement of abstruse advances of the accomplished decade or so, are both a acquaintance and an enemy, in that they accept both allowances and downfalls, Postman’s book arrives at the affair with a bleak appearance of what the dangers of technology is accomplishing to our culture. Postman opens up his book with a adventure of the fabulous appearance called Thamus. Retelling the adventure of Thamus is key in that it opens the aperture to the angle that we should abhorrence ample accouterment in breadth we abode our assurance of accent and it’s understanding. The adventure of Thamus describes the abhorrence to advance out of articulate attitude into autograph article biographer prank. The point Thamus makes is that autograph will ultimately arrest bodies because it will no best crave them to exercise their memory, appropriately they’d become actual absent with the things they learn. Technopoly does a abundant job of putting the clairvoyant in the position to stop cerebration about all the “great” things that technology and its advances will do for us, and encourages us to booty a attending into what these technologies will disengage for us as a nation. Telegraphy is a affair that is discussed in the book. Neil Postman’s believes that the telegraph afflicted advice forever. Prior to Samuel Morse’s 1843 invention, advice could alone biking from one abode to addition as fast as a alternation could travel. Which about the time of the apparatus of the telegraph was about 35 mph. This apparatus appropriately removed amplitude as an assured coercion on the movement of information. Telegraphy additionally afflicted the advice from a action of compassionate into analytic a accurate problem. Rather than seeing advice as a acquirements action bare to advance understanding, this quick and calmly attainable “information” became context-free information, appropriately in a way authoritative advice a commodity. Telegraphy indefinitely acutely afflicted the history of advice by about instigating the abutting date of the “information revolution”. In Postman’s book, Technopoly is this ability that has deified technology. Although telegraphy is believed to accept been what started it, Postman looks at today’s ability and what it has become as a aftereffect of our admiration with technology. It has progressed to the point that we accept basically developed article that can anticipate bigger than we can, and are now award that individuals and association as a accomplished is absolutely gluttonous out and award purpose and administration from technology. We, as a nation, acclimated to be controlled by religious and amusing traditions, but now the sad absoluteness is that animal activity has been bargain to award acceptation in machines. So in attempting to acknowledgment the catechism of whether or not we are a association bedeviled by technology, Technopoly makes a appealing acceptable altercation that we in actuality are. Looking at how technology has afflicted how we accomplish in areas like science, medicine, language, and education, is breadth we will be able to see the cogent about-face that has taken abode in the accomplished few decades. In commendations to the medical industry, one archetype of the furnishings of technology has been the about-face in assurance from man to machine. Doctors absolutely assurance blindly what machines and tests accept to say about the able-bodied actuality of a patient. Granted there are hundreds of pros that appear with these medical advances, but the cons are in actuality doctors accident their bedside manner, or their belief of the patients exact complaints. Addition abrogating aftereffect technology has had on the medical industry is that dehumanization of the patients accept become added and added prevalent. Problems are actuality fixed, rather than patients actuality cured. In commendations to accent and science, technology has additionally had association altering effects. Our accent and how we acquaint has become digitalized. No continued are communities advancing calm for block parties, but rather they are all “friend requesting” their neighborhood’s Facebook Page. With science, or the industry ancillary of our nation, bodies are actuality replaced with added able machines. They amount beneath to accomplish and advance and can be conceivably 1,000 times as advantageous in a 24 hour aeon than a animal actuality could be. One aftermost area, in which Technopoly discusses the abrogating furnishings that technology is amenable for, is the breadth of apprenticeship in our nation. The book states that, “knowledge is not a anchored affair but a date in animal development, with a accomplished and future. ” (Postman 190) This abstraction again infers the catechism of, what should technology’s role be in education? Apprenticeship how it was advised to be instills not alone ability but additionally a faculty of acceptation and purpose in a child. Postman’s book again argues that computers, a key attribute in Technopoly, attenuate this old abstraction of school. They do so by eliminating a annex on an educational ambiance that ethics accumulation learning, cooperation, and amusing responsibility. In conclusion, it would be absurd of us to accuse the absoluteness that technology and its advances accept brought a apple of acceptable into our way of life. Having been acquainted of this though, we charge to additionally become acquainted of the actuality that as abundant of a acquaintance as technology has been and consistently will be to us, it can additionally be our affliction adversary that actual able-bodied ability advance us into a approaching abounding with ignorance. Works Cited Postman, Neil. Technopoly: The Surrender Of Ability To Technology. New York: Vintage, 1993. Print.

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