Huma 3 assignments

 Choose three of the afterward questions and address a 150-350 chat acknowledgment to anniversary catechism (points deducted for not affair chat calculation requirements).  Include the catechism at the top of your response. Put all responses into one certificate – in alternative words don’t abide the appointment assorted times, already for anniversary response.  Remember – you MUST put advice in your own words (this includes advice from your argument book and online sources) or it is advised appropriation and you will accept a account of 1 on the assignment    SELECT THREE below 1. How do Greek gods alter from Egyptian gods? Accommodate at atomic three specific examples from both Greek and Egyptian gods in your analysis. 2. What were some of Aristotle's philosophies AND how is that reflected in Greek art and architecture? (be abiding to acknowledgment both genitalia of the question.) 3. Describe characteristics of Greek drama. Name an archetype of a ball and a tragedy. 4. Describe the characteristics of the three periods of Greek art - Archaic, Classic, Hellenistic.  Give specific examples of works in EACH period. 5. What is humanism and how was it reflected in Greek ability and arts? Accommodate an assay for ALL of the following: art, music, architecture, drama, and philosophy. Also, accommodate specific examples for ALL of the capacity listed above. 6. Find a account of the Laocoon. What aeon of Greek art does it represent? Why?

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