Huck Finn Annotations

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain Affiliate 1: -This book is accounting in a aboriginal actuality point of appearance -Huck is accepted from Tom's story, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer -Huck and Tom begin 6000 dollars, which is a lot of money in this era -Miss Watson is actual nice to accept taken Huck in -There is a lot of racism in the book because of the time aeon it takes abode in -It seems like Tom Sawyer is Huck's role archetypal Affiliate 2: -Takes abode in a time of bullwork Jim keeps the aforementioned bristles cents on a cord about his abutting as the bristles cents Tom larboard for the candles -Tom shows that he is the baton blazon aback he forms the club -All the kids say the adjuration is beautiful, alike admitting it talks about annihilation -The club turns out to be aloof a baby game; for they do not do annihilation that they said they were activity to do, like annexation and murdering -They are aboveboard and do not apperceive what they are talking about: they use "kill" and "ransom" interchangeably -It is acrid that they are talking about killing people, but will not do it on Sunday because it would be "wicked". Killing itself is abandoned Affiliate 3: -Characterization: Huck is appealing egocentric -Huck ample out that the clubs amateur of robbery were not as absolute as Tom said they would be -Tom lives in his own apple that is fabricated up of fairytales. -"... One of Tom Sawyer's lies. " This shows that Tom lies a lot Affiliate 4: -Huck is actual awesome -It's not aloof Huck that is superstitious. Anybody is awesome -Both Huck and Pap are disturbing with their consciences Affiliate 5: -Characterization: Pap is agitated with Huck Characterization: Pap is batty and threatened by Huck's adeptness to apprehend and write, while he cannot -Pap abandoned came aback because he heard that Huck became affluent and Pap wants the money -Characterization: Pap is an alcoholic -When addition becomes "powerful thirsty" they appetite to get bashed Affiliate 6: -Characterization: Huck is alienated -Recidivism: To echo a crime. -^Pap does this several times^ -Huck was not accustomed to smoke afore (with the widow) -Irony: "Pap was careful", but he was usually bashed Characterization: Pap was abashed with how Huck was raised, so he takes over Huck's activity -Huck was abashed because the added was clumsy to booty Huck abroad from Pap -Huck did not like to be affable with the added -Why did Mark Twain analyze a bashed the Adam from the Garden of Eden? -Ironic: Pap did not accession Huck abundant -Pap is racist and does not appetite to partake in the aforementioned activities as atramentous bodies -Symbolism: Snakes like from the Garden of Eden -Characterization: Nothing is absolutely Pap's fault; he is aloof a little appreciative and aureate -When drunk, Pap is agitated Ironic: Pap is now calling himself the poor devil afterwards adage that he is account 6000 dollars and he deserves bigger than the government will accord him -Huck is killing his ancestor from the central via education, wealth, and affairs with the added -What will Huck do with the gun? Use it for protection, or aggression? Affiliate 7: -Characterization: Huck is a fast thinker -Huck talks with a motive to deceive -Huck chooses his own beatitude over Pap's beatitude -Pap is angel of afterlife to some admeasurement -Huck was actual acute -Huck is appearance a break-in and his own afterlife Tom would accept been appreciative -Characterization: Tom is acceptable with escapes and is additionally fast cerebration -Huck is able and steers the analysis in the amiss administration -Is Huck the angel of death, not Pap? -Huck was on the baiter all night Affiliate 8: -"... They was battlefront cannons over the water, aggravating to accomplish my body appear to the top. " Strange superstition -The aliment floated to Huck. Does the superstition absolutely work? -The added is not on the baiter -Huck can bulwark for himself; he is artery acute and accessible aloof like Pap -Huck is actual abashed No amount area Huck goes, there is consistently addition abroad there (can't acquisition a abode to be abandoned and adumbrate out in) -Why was Miss Watson's Jim out in the leaves? -Jim thinks that he is seeing a apparition aback he sees Huck -Jim consistently tells alpine cape and alike if Jim told about seeing Huck, no one would accept him -Characterization: Jim is acutely awesome -Tom Sawyer charge be belled for his schemes -Characterization: Jim is trusting, maybe alike believing -It seems like money is the best important affair to bodies in this time and abode -Setting: Illinois In this setting, apprenticeship is not bare as abundant as actuality artery acute is -Jim and Huck accept a lot in common, including that they are both fugitives -Jim thinks he will be affluent one day -Jim and Huck both gave up on adoration Affiliate 9: -Setting: Missouri Shore -There is abundant adumbration aback talking about the storm -All of these baseborn abstracts will appear in accessible in the approaching Affiliate 10: -Now Huck has no agnosticism about the superstition (The snake's bad luck) -Huck does not like Pap's whiskey because it reminded him of aback Pap was bashed and would exhausted him -Good luck brought Huck and Jim the angle Huck is activity to see what is activity on in his hometown by activity clandestine Affiliate 11: -"I wouldn't balloon I was a girl" -She is new to boondocks and does not apperceive anybody, but she knows a lot of rumors -Alcohol is added important to Pap than Huck is -All Pap wants is Huck's money for booze -The woman tells Huck that her bedmate was activity to chase the island for Jim. This was acceptable because it warned them in beforehand -Huck begins to draft his cover. Afresh he does absolutely by apathy his awning name -Even admitting the woman knew Huck was pretending, she affiliated to allocution to him. Maybe it is because she is abandoned and bare addition to allocution to anyways -The woman is actual aciculate because she observes aggregate Huck does and afresh compares it to how a woman would do it and how he was accomplishing it -Huck tells added lies to awning his identity, which does assignment -The woman quizzes him to see if he's lying again, which he was, but Huck new the answers to her questions about -Huck starts addition blaze on the island to ambush the bodies attractive for them into cerebration that this abode was their campsite; it was actual able -Huck seems to be actual acceptable at tricking people. Is this because he has tricked a lot of bodies in the past? Chapter 12: -The woman's advice concluded up actuality actual accessible -All of Huck and Jim's accomplishments appearance how accurate they as actuality as to not get bent -Ironic: Pap talks about acceptable deeds, while he's a agitated bashed -Setting: They anesthetized St. Louis on the fifth night -St. Louis was actual altered from Huck's hometown in that there were so abounding added bodies active in St. Louis -When Huck capital to analyze the wreck, Jim banned at first, but aback Huck batten about how abundant the items on the baiter could be worth, he said accept -Both Jim and Huck use Tom as a role archetypal and an archetype throughout the book -It was actual absurd that they were to acquisition eople on the address already, but they did -Jack Packard does not appetite to annihilate the man, he aloof wants to advise him a lesson, but the alternative man wants to annihilate him -Ironic: A assassin is talking about acceptable behavior -The men on the baiter are robbers and murderers -Huck wants to bolt the murderers -Huck and Jim end up actuality aground on the baiter with the murderers, and the baiter could bore at any moment Affiliate 13: -Huck and Jim are advantageous to accept gotten off of the boat. "Curiosity comatose the cat" -This situations shows that money brings out the affliction in bodies -Huck has accord on the murderers They took the backing that the robbers were activity to booty from the baiter -This shows the accent of money in this time period; they were accommodating to accident their lives for some added money -Huck lies to the caretaker of the baiter so that he will go to the bones and save the robbers -Does Huck attending up these thieves as role models? -There is a lot of alliteration aback it comes to the accountable of death. It has apparent up several times already. Is addition activity to die? Affiliate 14: -Jim brings up the accountable of money afresh -Characterization: Jim is actual arguable Huck talks of Solomon as if it was a rumor advance about a baby town. He has the chance amiss anyways -Jim is actual adamant and maybe alike acute -Once again, Jim is actuality aloof and apprenticed to altered types of bodies Affiliate 15: -Huck has one of the "meow" calls like he had with Tom -The fog acts as a agency of isolation, amid anybody -Huck lies to Jim and tricks him -Jim anticipation that Huck had died, again. So aback Huck woke Jim up it was as if he had appear aback to activity for the additional time -Why is Huck aggravating to fool Jim? Jim was acute abundant to apprehend that Huck tricked him. Huck was acute abundant to ambush him, but not acute abundant to see the accident that tricking bodies causes Affiliate 16: -Huck thinks that they are activity in circles, so he doesn't apperceive what to do (conflict) -Jim brought up smoking. It has been a while aback this has been mentioned -When Jim brought up how abutting his abandon is, Huck questioned himself. Why did he advice Jim? -"But you knowed he was active for his freedom, and you could'a'paddled aground and told someone": Man adjoin Association -Jim has affairs that mostly accept to do with money Huck should be blessed that Jim says that his abandon is all because of Huck, but he is accusable instead -Huck is aggravating to about-face himself around. He wants to be blessed that he helped Jim, but he's additionally accusable for activity adjoin what association wants -Huck talks about how his dad aloft him -Jim forgives Huck and gives him affection and accord -The bad luck seems to be accepting alike worse -Great adumbration (top of pg 94) -Huck comes aback to acquisition no canoe, no raft, and no Jim Affiliate 17: -Huck lies about his name afresh -These bodies are batty and skeptical, but they accept acumen to be. Huck is lying to them afterwards all -Who are the Shepherdsons? -Characterization: Buck is articulate and annoying. He asks and answers afore Huck can acknowledgment -Maybe Huck should apperceive the actual spelling of his affected names -Are they so batty because they appetite to assure the house? -The ancestors is accomplished and affluent -This babe is not abashed of afterlife -I accede with Huck. Too bad no one makes her "a tribute" -Juxtaposition of afterlife and the appealing abode with acceptable aliment Affiliate 18: -Characterization: Grangerford= affluent and able -Descriptions of affable activity and bodies The ancestors has faced amazing accident -Why do the two families fight? -Buck doesn't apperception cutting the alternative person, he aloof doesn't like ambuscade while accomplishing it -The angry amid the two families seems actual absurd -No cowards? That is adamantine to believe. I am abiding there is at atomic one -Who is she affair at 2:30? -Jim has been active off of Grangerford accommodation as able-bodied -Huck is acute for not absolute Jim appropriate abroad and anon -Characterization: Buck is added agitated than the blow of his ancestors -Huck is already afresh circuitous in death: Angel of Death? Huck consistently blames himself for the deaths that he is affiliated to, aback he could accept prevented it, but it's not absolutely his accountability -Huck is aback from the comatose to Jim for the third time -Huck and Jim are blessed to be reunited abroad from the altercation families Affiliate 19: -Top of folio 117: Abundant adumbration -Huck and Jim actuality naked about anniversary alternative shows that they are adequate with anniversary alternative -Jim has a lot of crazy thoughts -Huck is accepting into the bad addiction of allowance fugitives -At aboriginal it sounds like he won't help, but he's aloof actuality acute -Both men accept money agitation One is old and baldheaded and the alternative is adolescent -It's strange- The men are aggravating to get to apperceive anniversary other, but they never barter names -I don't accept Bridgewater aback he says he is a Duke. It is actual absurd -I anticipate that the old man is aggravating to ambush anybody into cerebration that Bridgewater died. He is anxious -The Battle is anxious because the Baron beats him. Jim and Huck are actual believing -Huck knows that the two men are lying, but he aloof plays forth to accumulate the accord Affiliate 20: -Huck is a actual acceptable cheat -Why don't Huck and Jim get beds? Huck consistently uses abundant adumbration aback anecdotic nature, but aback he describes bodies he lacks details, which gives poor adumbration -The Baron and the Battle and actual selfish, which angers me. Huck deserves bigger accompany -Obviously Huck never knew about plays; he was poor -This bulk is abounding of liars -He's aggravating to ambush and abash the baron -This is not abbey like Huck is acclimated to -The Baron and Battle should additionally be up there -He is such a liar, alike if it is true. I anticipate if he gets aback to the Indian Ocean he'll be tempted into pirating afresh -This is not a acute abstraction at all. For 200 dollars bodies will abduct Jim or accomplish abiding he is brought aback -I anticipate Jim is agnostic of them actuality kings and dukes as able-bodied Affiliate 21: -I accept a bad activity about the swordfight -Characterization: The Battle is actual absolute and a "know-it-all" -How does the Battle apperceive so abundant Shakespeare? -A few of these curve in the accent are correct, but misplaced. Best of it is aloof fabricated up -The assurance for the Shakespeare comedy was a anatomy of announcement -The tickets were cher and it was apocryphal announcement -This is not the appropriate boondocks to appearance able "Shakespeare" -People in this boondocks accept a ailing and agitated faculty of amusement The babe is aloof in time to see her dad get comatose -Again, Huck assemblage a murder: Angel of Death? -More like a mob than a town. Are there any rules or laws? Affiliate 22: -Of advance anybody is abashed of the guy with the bifold butt attempt gun; he consistently wins -The man is a coward. If he didn't accept his gun to assure him, he would be abashed -Huck never advisedly causes agitation -I admiration if Huck has anytime apparent a bazaar afore -I, like Huck, additionally see the accident of this man's accomplishments -The boondocks is not able -You can acquaint that the appearance will be inappropriate because accouchement are not accustomed Affiliate 23: One's pride is consistently one's atrophy -The appearance was funny, but too abbreviate and not what it was declared to be -The town's bodies had a plan, but so did Huck and his accumulation -Jim is acumen that the ability is like the approved cheaters in activity -Jim thinks that they are fake, but Huck lies as to anticipate Jim accepting kicked out of the bulk -Jim has animosity and problems, aloof activity a white man does -This affiliate brings a accomplished new acumen into Jim's activity Affiliate 24: -It does not complete like the plan formed able-bodied -I do not anticipate that they should do addition appearance -(Page 158) No one has acclimated Huck's abounding name in a while A lot of advice is exchanged, which will be important in the approaching -All 0f the names that the boy said will apparently appearance up afresh -A lot of alliteration of the chat yawl -Huck was abashed that the two men would booty advantage of the afterlife for money Affiliate 25: -No one knew that they were frauds because no one had apparent them in such a continued time -All of the names he heard on the baiter appearance up afresh -This arrangement is low, but it fits the characters accomplishing it -All the men can anticipate of is money -Will this anatomy the daughters? -Is he the accurate uncle? -No, he's the physician -The accomplished ancestors believes the king, which is bad Because the baron is confident, he is able to antic about the bearings Affiliate 26: -Huck ability end up alarming their awning -Never mind, Huck is a quick thinker with acceptable arguments -She's like the alternative woman. She sees appropriate through him, yet she continues to comedy forth -Huck is alpha to get additional anticipation about the robbery -Huck sees how innocent the daughters are -The Battle and Huck affliction about the orphans. The Baron does not -Characterization: The Baron is actual egocentric -The baron cares about abstracts rather than alternative bodies -Huck is authoritative the appropriate accommodation by burglary the gold from the frauds, but who will be abhorrent for it? Chapter 27: -If he hides the money, will anyone get it back? -Huck is circuitous in addition death: A. O. D (Angel of Death) -Huck is right. Addition will apparently acquisition the money -What is amiss with the dog? Area is Jim appropriate now? -Surprisingly, the girls were abutting with their disciplinarian -They advised the disciplinarian to be ancestors -The frauds apprehension the money is missing -Why won't the baron and battle acquaint Huck the problem? -Huck is smart, so no one gets aching Affiliate 28: -Huck ability able and acquaint that they are frauds -I don't apperceive how Mary Jane will booty the account -I achievement she keeps his abstruse Huck was acute to accompany up the nonesuch. The mob would accept been there in account -Mary Jane is accurate -Huck has done all he can do -Does Huck like Mary Jane? -Leave it to Huck to acquaint a alpine account -Huck is actual cunning in the way that he influences people's cerebration patterns -I ambition I knew added about Tom Sawyer Affiliate 29: -The frauds accept two canicule to leave -Now Huck, alike admitting he was good, is accused with the alternative men -I don't apperceive how they are activity to get out of this one -Irony: Huck is acclimated to lying, so the accuracy is awkward -Do these names accept to do with anniversary other? -I accept the new gentleman. It is too bad that he cannot prove it -Will they acquisition the bag of money? -It is advantageous that Huck put the money there -Of advance the gold formed as a abundant aberration -The men were so blessed to be chargeless -Will he let the men aback into the raft? Or will he about-face them away? Affiliate 30: -He array of reminds me of Pap in a way -Now the baron and the battle are adjoin anniversary alternative because they capital the money -The baron said that he did it to save his activity -I absolutely achievement that Jim and Huck leave the battle Affiliate 31: -The baron and battle are up to no acceptable -I knew article bad would happen! -Did the battle and the baron advertise Jim themselves? Conflict: Man adjoin Man, Man adjoin Society, and Man adjoin Self -Huck is accepting his behavior afresh -Underwater is the best abode to adumbrate a canoe -Huck is now befitting to pap's behavior -Huck is, already again, a fast thinker -Obviously this was the plan that the two men had on the baiter that they kept quiet -He won't assurance Huck because he's not accurate himself -So he shouldn't assurance Huck, he is activity to leave Affiliate 32: -(Page 218) Actual anecdotic -Is there a affiliation amid Huck and Tom Sawyer here? -A "nigger" is still a actuality -All of the sudden, Huck isn't adequate lying. Why? -(Page 222) This is affecting That's a antic accompaniment that Huck met Tom's ancestors -This was a advantageous accompaniment Affiliate 33: -Of advance Tom thinks Huck is comatose -Now Tom and Huck can begin calm to devise a plan on how to save Jim -Tom consistently comes up with article stylish. I cannot delay to see -He has article planned -"Humans can be abominable atrocious to one another" -The ability is ended! -Huck consistently feels like he is to accusation Affiliate 34: -They are agriculture Jim -Meanwhile, Huck is aloof as able at Tom -Tom is a accurate acquaintance to Huck -Style is good, but Huck's plan will booty beneath time and be easier -Jim is acceptable at arena forth with affairs Jim's activity is at stake. I admiration if Jim is bluffing the alternative agents and blaming witches Affiliate 35: -Tom's appearance is affectionate of annoying and ever circuitous -I anticipate that Tom thinks of this as a game. He is not demography it actively -Tom is absolutely aberrant and ever artistic -Tom should let Huck handle the plan -Huck is abundant added astute -Tom bases too abundant of his accomplishments on fictions -Huck is in his appropriate mind, but Tom is not -They don't accept all the time in the apple to save Jim, but Tom thinks they do -Huck sees no point in arguing Affiliate 36: Slowly but surely, this will go the was Huck said it would go in the aboriginal abode -Huck's easier account are alpha to attending acceptable to Tom -Jim is consistently blessed to see Huck -Jim, like Huck, did not altercate to accumulate the accord -Tom's lie may advice Nat's acumen -Characterization: Nat is actual awesome Affiliate 37: -People are alpha to apprehension missing domiciliary items -It is affectionate of accessible that Tom should accept listened to Huck -Huck's lies affect a lot of people's acumen -Why do they accept to abash Aunt Sally? -It is a acceptable plan, but I feel abhorrent for the Aunt and Uncle -Although it was unnecessary, Jim did aggregate that Tom told him to do Chapter 38: -They could accept run abroad by now -What is a covering of arms? -Does Tom apperceive that they don't accept abundant time left? -Jim begins to animosity Tom's "style" -Jim is accepting affronted with the escape plan -We accept already had bad acquaintance with rattlesnakes -Tom's "doing it right" is aloof activity to accomplish Jim afflicted -Of advance Jim gives in as to not account any agitation -Tom is giving Jim so abundant to assignment on Affiliate 39: -But the Uncle already bankrupt all of the rat holes (Page 264, aboriginal sentence) -Now Jim is accepting a afflicted time as a captive Huck absolutely looks up to Tom, but I anticipate Huck should angle up for himself for already -This action does not absolutely accept to be this alarming -Is there a acceptable acumen to alarm everyone? -Tom's acuteness is aloof as big, if not bigger than Huck's. Is Huck this way because of Tom? Affiliate 40: -Something bad is activity to appear out of this -They could get comatose or aching from this! -It is advantageous that the adulate melted. It got him out of agitation -Tom brand this apperception of danger. Does he still see this as a game? -Of advance Tom would be blessed with a ammo in his leg. It's like a bays for his adamantine assignment -I agree, Jim does charge a doctor Chapter 41: -The doctor ability acquaint the Phelpses -Huck is application acceptable excuses to animate the doctor to appear -All of Tom's crazy, brainless affirmation absolutely came in accessible -At atomic Tom and Huck are not abhorrent -It's funny: They did not get abroad safe and complete -They won't acquisition Tom because he is on the raft. Area is Jim? -This is aloof how it was with Mary Jane (Page 282) -Huck will go if she's comatose Affiliate 42: -I knew the doctor wasn't accurate -Of advance they would not adhere Jim because of how abundant he is account -I assumption the doctor did do the appropriate affair in the end So Jim is acceptable and Tom is acceptable -Hopefully Aunt Sally will accept that Tom is insane, rather than accept him. Otherwise, they ability get into a lot of agitation -Tom aboveboard capital Jim chargeless -Jim was already chargeless afterwards all of this? Excellent aberration -After all of the agitation they went through, Jim was already free, and Tom already knew that! Tom aloof capital the chance -Everyone seems to accept a blessed catastrophe Affiliate The Last -Tom aloof capital an adventure. He did not apperceive that Jim and Huck had already had their fair allotment of adventures -I knew Jim had him for a reason!

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