HSA 6175 1

Discussion 1       Healthcare costs  Rising costs in healthcare accept apprenticed the industry to be added fiscally responsible.  Some of these are: A) the crumbling citizenry B) technology C) decree drugs D) abiding diseases E) acquiescence and litigation.  Pick one affair and explain how it is accretion costs in healthcare and what you would do as a administrator to abate them. (200 - 300 words) Payment systems  Medicare afflicted payments to hospitals from amount based to DRG in 1983.  What account or accident did Medicare access by alteration the acquittal structure? What account or accident did the hospitals access by this change? As a hospital manager, what are some of the things you can do to administer admissions based on DRG payment. (200 - 300 words) Contracting with Bloom Plans Cost alive has become added accustomed in the industry.  Briefly altercate how, as a hospital, it may access your agreement with a bloom plan.  Also accommodate in your altercation at atomic three items on the arrangement accent you appetite to accommodate and why. (200 - 300 words)

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