HRMN 395

MS  PowerPoint Presentation Address on Organization. This appointment allows you to authenticate ability of the advance outcomes: 1. actuate amount requisite competencies for the alignment and differentiate a absolute rewards affairs to attract, retain, and actuate advisers possessing the organization's appropriate competencies In this assignment, you will architecture and allotment a MS PowerPoint presentation that describes the alignment you assignment at,  its accepted and approaching challenges, its capabilities, and the requisite competencies bare for its success. You will attending for and address on examples of the absolute absolute rewards programs to accommodate monetary, non-monetary, and the assignment ambiance (including ethics and culture). The MS PowerPoint presentation will accommodate a address on absolute metrics (organizational or HR) if any are present. If citations or Web armpit abstracts are used, in-text citations and sources presented on a References folio application American Psychological Association (APA) architecture are expected. This advice can be acclimated in the final cardboard (the final appraisal which is a plan to change the organization's absolute rewards programs). It is accepted that at atomic three references from the advance abstracts will be used. At the least, this MS PowerPoint Presentation will include: 1.    Academic Title Slide 2.    Introduction and Purpose for the Paper 3.    Description of the Organization 4.    Capabilities of the Alignment and Requisite Competencies of the Employees 5.    Current and Approaching Challenges 6.    Academic Definition of Absolute Rewards Programs 7.    Description of Absolute Absolute Rewards Affairs (Monetary, Non-Monetary and Assignment Environment) 8.    Existing Metrics that Evaluate the Success of the Absolute Rewards Program 9.    Conclusions 10.  References Folio (With a minimum of three References from advance materials)

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