HRMD651 discussion#8

  For its 2017 Training Industry Report, Training (2017) surveyed added than 300 U.S.-based corporations and educational institutions with 100+ employees.  Training commitment was one of the capacity explored.  Seventy-three percent of the analysis respondents appear that they use online training methods such as basic classrooms, webcasts, and video broadcasting; about 29% of all training hours were delivered by online or computer-based technologies (Training, 2017).  Accept you alternate in any cyberbanking training at work?  If so, how able-bodied did the e-training accede with the Gagne’s Nine Step Training Design archetypal (discussed in Week 5) and Adult Acquirements Theory (discussed in Week 4)?  Based on what you accept abstruse so far in the course, what could accept bigger your acquirements experience?    Reference  Training. (2017, November/December). 2017 training industry report. Retrieved from You can admission the address through the UMUC library at this link:

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