REFLECTION BLOGS This appointment involves befitting a account recording your thoughts, insights, and introspections afterward anniversary week. In addition, you should appraise and altercate your reactions and notions about how the actual pertinent to a accustomed anniversary relates to your own past/future work/non-work situations.  Each blog access should accept 4 identifiable headings: Summary, Meaningful Ideas, Claimed Connecting, Changes. The Summary is area you highlight the capacity begin in the abstracts for the anniversary (1 paragraph). The Meaningful Account area is area you highlight two to three anticipation afflictive account that emerged from the abstracts and why you anticipate they are aces of actuality accent (2 paragraphs). The Claimed Connecting Area is area you altercate how the capacity can be activated to your able and/or claimed situations (1 paragraph). Lastly, the Changes area is area you highlight at atomic two SMART changes you will make.  The purpose of this appointment is to let you booty a little time already a anniversary to reflect, so as to advance your compassionate of yourself and compassionate of the advance materials. Anniversary branch should be 100-200 words in length. 

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