Resources: Applicant Analysis Grading Guide You accept two application candidates for a business position. Both accept agnate educational backgrounds and certifications. However, the aboriginal applicant has 20 years of accompanying acquaintance while the additional applicant has 6 years of agnate experience. The aboriginal applicant is allurement for a aggressive abject bacon additional one anniversary added vacation as allotment of the allowances package. The additional applicant is allurement for a aggressive abject bacon additional a aggregation acute buzz (upgraded anniversary year), and paid Internet account at home. The aboriginal applicant is accommodating to appointment a adjustable agenda (nights, weekends, etc.), while the additional applicant prefers to appointment accidentally from home. Both are requesting to be included in the company's anniversary benefit plan. Write a 700- to 1,050-word cardboard that includes the following: Compare the absolute and aberrant advantage requests for anniversary candidate. As an HR professional, what do you anticipate is the best hiring accommodation for the aggregation and why? Format your cardboard constant with APA guidelines. Submit the assignment.

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