For animal assets (HR) departments to be successful, administration charge acquire the role of HR departments and be accommodating to appointment cohesively. For this assignment, accept you are allotment of a administration aggregation for a large bloom affliction organization. You accept been tasked with developing a presentation for all administration active on how to best use the casework of the HR administration to advance agent performance, retention, and affection care. You accept been asked to advance a 10–15-slide PowerPoint presentation on the following: The role of HR in a bloom affliction ambience (1–2 slides)  The casework that account retention, including recruitment, agent satisfaction, and agent accessory (2–3 slides)  Training and agents development needs (2–3 slides)  Best practices for alive with HR including administration approaches (2–3 slides)   The allowances of HR in compliance, such as ensuring advisers advance accreditation and appropriate licenses (2–3 slides)   Other allowances of HR and a arbitrary (1–2 slides)  Reference accelerate with APA-formatted references  Requirements: The presentation charge be 10–15 slides. Slides should accept 4–5 short-sentence ammo credibility anniversary summarizing the key concepts. Presenter addendum are not required. All images, graphs, charts, or abstracts charge citations on the accelerate (author, year). The presentation charge accept at atomic 4 bookish or able peer-reviewed sources appear aural the accomplished 5 years. The presentation charge accept a advertence accelerate at the end.

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