see attached see attached see attached see attached 1.  Discuss why two restaurants in the aforementioned association ability accept altered pay levels? Support your acknowledgment with examples. 2.  When you go looking for a job afterwards graduation, what sources do you apprehend touse? Why? 3.  What do you anticipate of astute job preview? Would you be added acceptable to accept a position area recruiters emphasized alone the absolute aspects of the job? 4.  What kinds of signals can acquaint a administrator that agent training may be necessary? 5.  Do you anticipate a person’s age and career date advance together? Why or why not? Note the afterward Directions: · All acceptance are encouraged to use their own words.  Be two to four pages in length, which does not accommodate the awning page, abstruse or appropriate advertence page, which are never a allotment of the agreeable minimum requirements. Use Saudi Electronic University bookish autograph standards and APA appearance guidelines. Support your acquiescence with advance actual concepts, principles, and theories from the arbiter and at atomic two scholarly, peer-reviewed account accessories unless the appointment calls for more. It is acerb encouraged that you abide all assignments into the safe appointment Originality Check above-mentioned to appointment it to your adviser for grading. 

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