HR CAPSTONE Power Point 5–7 slides + title and reference slides; Speaker notes 200–250 words/slide is an online banker that currently has 1,500 advisers and barn operations in New York, Nebraska, and Nevada. The aggregation is affluent and has absitively to aggrandize its operations globally by aperture a new barn in South Korea, with hopes of connected amplification into Europe. To accessible the new warehouse, administration agents will be transferred from the company’s accepted locations. They will additionally accept to appoint about 500 barn cadre and a acumen manager. South Korea is proving to be a actual aggressive ambiance for online retailers. The animal assets (HR) agents charge advance a workforce plan that can actualize a aggressive advantage for SaharaOasis. All anatomic areas of HR will be complex in authoritative this amplification a success. As the animal assets administrator for SaharaOasis, you will be captivated amenable for planning, managing, and presenting advice to the carnality admiral (VP) of HR and the lath of admiral for the organization.  In your own words, advance a application action for the barn accessory position for SaharaOasis, which includes the use of the Internet. This advice charge be presented to the Carnality Admiral (VP) of Animal Assets (HR) in a PowerPoint accelerate presentation for her review. Using CTU Library assets and the advance argument and materials, analysis e-recruiting and actualize a presentation that addresses the following: Specifically, which e-recruiting media and methods would you recommend, and why? How would you use these methods to bazaar the job to abeyant candidates? How will you differentiate and position the job in the job market? What acknowledged considerations charge be taken into annual with Internet-based application programs? In accession to e-recruiting, briefly altercate what alternative methods you would consider, and why. From a business finance/accounting perspective, how would you assay and admeasurement the capability of your application strategy? What bread-and-butter altitude ability be considered? Provide a advertence account at the end of your presentation of at atomic 5 reference  APA FORMAT 

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