Topic #1:  LEARNING SYNTHESIS (25 Points) Create a aerial akin arbitrary of the things that stood out for you over anniversary of the aftermost seven weeks.  Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that shares these highlights with us. You charge additionally characterize that PowerPoint presentation so that you are absolutely cogent and assuming us (i.e., teaching us) what you learned.  You may use software alternative than PowerPoint, provided it has the audio basic as able-bodied as the beheld allotment that PowerPoint has. YOU CANNOT, HOWEVER, SAVE YOUR PRESENTATION IN GOOGLE DOCS – THESE FILES ARE UNACCESSIBLE AND WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Here are some assets to advice you ability your presentation: Best Practices in PowerPoint Design Written Instructions for Narrating a PowerPoint Presentation Video Instructions for Adding Narration to Your PowerPoint Don't balloon to accommodate citations and references

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