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However, the artery celebrations that accompanied the British and French acknowledgment of war gives historians the consequence that the move was accustomed and politicians tend to go with the accustomed mood. Was abundant done to abstain the alpha of the war? By 1914, Europe had disconnected into two camps. The Triple Accord was Germany, Italy and Austria-Hungary. The Triple Entente wasBritain, France and Russia. The accord amid Germany and Austria was natural. Both batten the aforementioned accent - German - and had a agnate culture. In antecedent centuries, they had both been allotment of the aforementioned authority - the Holy Roman Empire. Austria was in political agitation in the south-east of Europe - the Balkans. She bare the ability of Germany to aback her up if agitation got worse. Italy had Joined these countries as sne teared their ability on ner arctic border. Germany was acreage Europe's best able country - so from Italy's point of view, actuality an accessory of Germany was an accessible move. Anniversary affiliate of the Triple Accord (Germany, Austria nd Italy) promised to advice the others if they were attacked by addition country. The Triple Entente was beneath structured than the Triple Alliance. Entente" agency compassionate and the associates of the Entente (Britain, France and Russia) did not acquire to affiance to advice the alternative two if they got attacked by alternative countries but the compassionate was that anniversary affiliate would abutment the others - but it was not fixed. France was apprehensive of Germany. She had a huge army but a poor navy. Britain had the world's best able naw and a baby army. France and Britain Joining calm in an compassionate was natural. Britain was additionally anxious about Germany because she was architecture up a new and able navy. The admittance of Russia seemed odd back Russia was so far from France and Britain. However, Russia's aristocratic family, the Romanovs, was accompanying to the British Aristocratic Family. Russia additionally had a huge army and with France on the west of Europe and Russia on the east, the 'message' beatific to Germany was that she was confronted by two huge armies on either ancillary of her borders. Therefore, it was not a acceptable move by Germany to abet agitation in Europe - that was the hoped for bulletin beatific out by the Triple Entente. Certain specific problems additionally helped to actualize suspicion throughout Europe. The aboriginal was Germany's abhorrence of the huge British Empire. By 1900, Britain endemic a division of the world. Countries such as Canada, India, South Africa, Egypt, Australia and New Zealand were endemic by Britain as allotment of the British Empire. Queen Victoria had been crowned Empress of India. Huge amounts of money were fabricated from these colonies and Britain had a able aggressive attendance in all genitalia of the world. The Authority was apparent as the cachet attribute of a country that was the best able in the world. Hence Britain's appellation "Great Britain". Germany acutely believed that a assurance of a abundant ability was control of across colonies. The 'best' had already been taken by Britain but Germany bound to accretion as abundant colonial area as possible. Her capital ambition was Africa. She colonised area in southern Africa (now Namibia) which no-one absolutely capital as it was abortive arid but it did actualize abundant acrimony in London as Germany's new territories were abreast South Africa with its huge design and gold reserves. In reality, Germany's African colonies were of little bread-and-butter accent but it gave her the befalling to authenticate to the German bodies hat she had Abundant Ability cachet alike if this did accomplish relations with Britain added brittle than was conceivably all-important for the bread-and-butter allotment Germany got from her colonies. A additional affair that acquired abundant abrasion amid Britain and Germany was Germany's admiration to access the admeasurement of her navy. Britain accustomed that Germany, as a ample land-based country, bare a ample army. But Germany had a actual baby bank and Britain coul d not accep na Germany bare a ample navy. Postcard from 1912 of the Spithead analysis of Britain's Navvy Britain assured that Germany's admiration to access the admeasurement of her naw was to hreaten Britain's argosy ability in the North Sea. The British government assured that as an island we bare a ample naw and they could not acquire any challenges from Germany. As a result, a argosy chase took place. Both countries spent all-inclusive sums of money architecture new argosy and the amount soared back Britain launched a new blazon of battleship - the Dreadnought. Germany anon responded by architecture her equivalent. Such a move did little to advance relations amid Britain and Germany. All it did was to access astriction amid the two nations.

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