How to Say Nothing in 500 Words

In Paul Roberts's article “How to Say Nothing in 500 Words”, the columnist gives us nine tips that we can use to be a added advantageous writer: “Avoid the obvious” in which we should accomplish a account of the things that anon appear to apperception and not use them in your writing “Take the beneath accepted side” which best bodies will avoid. He additionally mentions that aggravating to adumbrate what the abecedary wants is not a acceptable way to accept a topic  “Slip out of abstraction” by not application ambiguous capacity but to go into detail instead “Get rid of the accessible padding” by alpha with added absolute agreeable so you don’t accept to add fluff. "Call a fool a fool” acceptation that you should get to the point and not be apologetic “Beware of pat expressions” which are accepted phrases that everybody uses. Next is to use “Colorful words” to acrylic a account or account emotion “Colored words” acceptance which has associations either acceptable or bad that are accepted to us from accomplished experiences Finally, he warns adjoin application too abounding “Colorless words” which accept been activated so abundant that the meanings accept been diminished. I accede with what Paul has accounting because I accept fabricated anniversary one of these mistakes, abnormally aggravating to acquisition as abounding words as accessible to ample up a page. I begin that he acclimated examples in a way that fabricated his credibility bright and accessible to understand. The argument is a little anachronous but able-bodied accounting with the barring of some spelling and grammar mistakes. In one book that stood out to me, he acclimated every one of the “colorless words” that he had listed, which was almost understandable. I plan on application the account from this article in my approaching autograph in hopes that I will not get a brand of “D. ”

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