How to Read Literature like a Professor Notes

Conventions In stones: Types of characters Plot rhythms Chapter structures Point-of-view limitations Chapter 1: Every Trip is a Adventure (Except Back It's Not) The acumen for a adventure Is consistently self-knowledge The declared acumen is never the absolute acumen to go on a quest, the absolute acumen for a adventure is self-knowledge. Most of the time, back a allotment of abstract involves addition activity about and accomplishing something, it is a quest. Chapter 2: Nice to Eat You: Acts of Communion Whenever bodies eat or alcohol together, it's communion Sharing a meal Is a actual claimed affair (you wouldn't accept a meal addition you hated). Aliment Is a accepted affair that we as bodies share. In Cathedral a man who hated bodies with disabilities affirmed to a man who was dark over food. Chapter 5: Now, Area Accept I Seen Her Before? There is no such affair as a wholly aboriginal assignment of abstract All authors cull afflatus from antecedent works. In Activity Afterwards Cacciatore, Tim O'Brien pulls afflatus from Lewis Carol's Alice In Wonderland back he has his appearance adage that they accept to abatement up to get out, assimilate Vetting tunnel. Authors additionally use actual Inspiration. O'Brien models the capital character's lover absorption afterwards Showcases (a brown-skinned adolescent women allegorical a accumulation of mostly white men, speaking a accent they don't know, alive area to go, area to acquisition food, and demography them west) There is alone one story. Chapter 9: It's All Greek to Me Myth Is the anatomy of adventure that affairs Greek and Roman belief are so Ingrained Into our alertness that we don't apprehend how credible they are. Like in William Carols Williams painting Landscape with Abatement of Cirrus. Without the legs afraid out of the baptize in that authoritative the painting that abundant beneath popular. Chapter 12: Is That A Symbol If it's not symbolism, it's apologue Symbols are claimed things We appetite It to beggarly one thing, but Is Impossible because again the atypical ceases to be what it is, "a arrangement of meanings and signification. " Meaning doesn't lie of the apparent of the novel. Authors may accept the aforementioned article beggarly a array of things. Pay absorption to how you feel about the text. It apparently agency something. Interlude: Does He Beggarly That?

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