How to Make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich

My Recipe For Broiled Cheese Sandwiches Topic: How to accomplish broiled cheese sandwiches. Audience: Parents that charge to baker article quick for there children. Purpose: To advise addition how to accomplish a broiled cheese sandwich. Format: An critical paragraph. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You will need: An electric frying pan, 2 slices of aliment (preferably white), (softened) butter, and some cheese of your best Step 1. Plug in and pre-heat the electric frying pan to 400 degrees fahrenheit. Step 2. Take your adulate and advance it on one ancillary of both pieces of bread. Step 3. Again you charge the cheese (if you are acid it of a block, 1 eighth of an inch is my recommended thickness) But I like to use singles cheese slices with mine. Step 4. Abode your cheese average the un-buttered abandon of your aliment so that the buttered abandon are adverse out. Step 5. When your electric frying pan is absolutely heated, abode the sandwich on it. Step 6. Let it sit for about 3 minutes, if you appetite a panini appearance sandwich, again you can agilely columnist on the sandwich with a a spatchula while it's cooking. Step 7. Again cast it and let the alternative ancillary sit for alone about 2 and a bisected minutes. Step 8. Again it's done! Step 9. If you appetite to accomplish it better, try abacus Ketchup on the side, forth with a pickle. Step 10. Part of the action of authoritative annihilation is the apple-pie up so don't balloon to put abroad everything, including axis off and unplugging the electric frying pan. Step 11. Eat up! By: Adam Brice

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