How to Calculate Retirement Funds

To account the present bulk of absorption and arch payments, you will charge to use the NAP function, rather than the UP function, back the banknote flows in the arch and absorption columns are not connected throughout time. ] What do you beam back you attending at these numbers? Explain. (c) Using your acquittal table, what Is the arch that charcoal to be paid afterwards you accept completed 15 years of payments? How does this bulk chronicle to the payments that you accept already made? How does this bulk chronicle to your actual payments? Explain. (d) Accept that you had bought this abode in June of 2006 beneath the agreement scribed above. Since that date, the boilerplate abode has beneath in bulk at the bulk of 1% per month. [This is the civic boilerplate for the 3-year aeon catastrophe summer 2009. ] Assuming that you additionally accomplished this bulk abatement on your house, at what point in agenda time will you owe added in arch on the accommodation than the abode is worth? Accept throughout that you accomplish every acquittal on time and that abode prices abide to abatement until at atomic this point in time. Acknowledgment the aforementioned catechism if you had paid 30% bottomward Instead of 10%. Explain why your answers are different. E) Now accept that your abode from allotment (d) was amid In Miami, FL. The boilerplate abatement in apartment prices over this time aeon in Miami was about 2% per ages for the aftermost 4 years. Accept that your house's bulk beneath by the aforementioned bulk as the boilerplate abode in the Miami area. How does a 2% abatement change your answers to allotment (d)? Are the answers the aforementioned or different? Explain. NOTE: For questions adapt a spreadsheet archetypal for part. Use this spreadsheet archetypal with added calculations for allotment b, c, d, e. Written answers to the questions in b, c, d, and e should be abode on a abstracted worksheet In the aforementioned document. 2. Suppose that your bacon at age 25 Is $72,500 and that you are paid on a account basis. You plan to retire at age 65 and will charge 75% of you aftermost year's bacon as Assets afterwards you retire for active expenses. You accept adored $55,000 to date. You appetite to body your dream home to alive out the blow of your activity in at age 50. Based on accepted prices Ana an Notation bulk Tanat Is accepted to acceleration at 1% per year Inelegantly, you activity this home will amount $1,000,000 to complete. You accept some earlier ancestors that accept consistently had an absorption in you and accept adumbrated that you are in their wills. Accept that you will accede $100,000 in 5 years. Assume that you like to biking and plan to booty one nice cruise every year starting at the end of your aboriginal year of retirement until age 75. The boilerplate bulk of the affectionate of trips you would like to booty is $5,000 today and will acceleration with inflation. You activity that your bacon will abound at a bulk of 2% and that your retirement assets needs will abound at 1%. Finally, accept that you apprehend to alive to age 85 and that you ambition to accept a antithesis at the end of your activity that is according to the present bulk of 5 years of your bare income. The adapted absorption bulk for your alive activity is 9% and declines to 6% afterwards you tire. Both ante of acknowledgment are nominal. Accept that advance bulk and absorption ante are quoted as anniversary abstracts and appear as EAR's. A) What % of your account bacon do you charge to alpha extenuative to accommodated your accepted needs? Find the band-aid to this botheration by demography all banknote flows to the present (I. E. Age 25) b) Verify that your account accumulation from allotment a additional your antecedent accumulation and bequest declared aloft will acquiesce you to pay for the abode at age 50. NOTE: Body a spreadsheet archetypal to acknowledgment these two questions and abode it in the aforementioned certificate as your answers to questions 1 .

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