How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur Education Essay

I accept consistently been an optimistic person, assured about my abilities and knowledge. Like every person, I dream to be a acknowledged entrepreneur. The aisle to success is not accessible and while there are shortcuts, it is the long, accommodating airing which takes us abounding afar ahead.

From my ancestry days, I accept consistently been acceptable at Math and numericals. Thus I knew I basic to do article accompanying to numbers. And aback I adulation interacting with people, I knew MBA was the absolute best to alloy my affection with my affable nature.

I apperceive accomplishing an MBA will add amount to my life. Not aloof a fat pay analysis but in agreement of adorning my activity by giving added accuracy to my thoughts. I apperceive that an MBA will acquiesce me to see the bigger picture, adjust my goals to that of my company. I knew an MBA was not about the agreeable but added about how to present that agreeable added effectively. An MBA will advice me attending at numbers, not with the sole purpose of crunching them but how I analyze those numbers in the ambience of the company

The purpose of allotment a MBA amount over alternative column alum amount courses has been simple, I basic to do a specialized advance that teaches me nuances of active a business by applying time activated theories. An MBA has the appropriate aggregate of Mathematics and Business administering to survive in today’s airy bazaar successfully. Acquirements specialized theories will accord me an bend over others to not aloof advance but win in today’s awful aggressive accumulated world.

I accept big dreams for myself afterwards commutual of my MBA. I am planning on alive maybe a year or two in UK itself. This acquaintance will advice me administer my anew learnt ability in a developed economy. It will betrayal me to new cultures as able-bodied as accord me a bigger all-around perspective. I am a appreciative Indian and I am assertive that already I go aback to India, I will use my accomplishment and acquaintance to be a acknowledged entrepreneur. I aspire to arch a aggregation of my own and in my baby way accord to the bread-and-butter advance of India.

I advanced goals in activity can be bound into four – economic, social, airy and environmental. Thus with armed with an MBA, I appetite to amalgamate all the four goals – acquire able-bodied (economic), do acceptable for the country (social), booty the angelic aisle through accuracy of apperception (spiritual) and consistently ensure that none of your accomplishments abuse the ambiance (environmental).

While it is important to accept goals, with a activating attitude, I advanced there needs to be a antithesis amid appointment and life. I accomplishment to alpha appointment with an alignment which ethics active life, offers work-life programs. Though it sounds Utopian and I ability never acquisition the appropriate employee, I am abiding that my aggregation will absolutely absorb work-life programs. I appetite to be a annoyed agent and an employer who runs an alignment of annoyed employees.

I accept that I accept all the qualities to be a acknowledged businessman. I am a adamantine alive actuality who understands the accent of time and money. I can accent and consistently accept auspiciously managed to alter my claimed and able activity well. I can administer animated appointment schedules, accommodated deadlines and accomplish afterwards accident my cool, actuality patient, always.

Reflection on Action

Consider your own access to study- what applied problems do you advanced in commutual assignments and tasks? (include advertence to exams/ presentations/ essays/ letters and alternative appraisal methods)

What strategies do you intend to use in adjustment to abate the appulse of these problems?

What theories of acquirements ability advice you accept your approach? Critically appraise these theories of acquirements with advertence to your own needs.

An MBA is the advance I charge to accomplish in aggregate I do. MBA is not aloof a amount on a allotment of paper. MBA is becoming and the cocky aplomb a actuality receives afterwards its accomplishment is the addition I am attractive advanced to. Like I assert and accumulate saying, out of several hundred degrees and specialization certificates, MBA is one amount that has not absent its agreeableness and importance. Not every actuality can get a MBA amount and absolutely it is a advantage of called few bags who get a MBA amount from a accounted university abroad, that is what keeps the ‘owner’s pride’ intact.

Since an aboriginal age I accept been acceptable with numericals. In fact, while alternative acceptance shied abroad from belief Math, I devoured numbers. This accumulated with my abilities for acclimation and strategizing is all I charge to be successful. Like every skill, abundance is accustomed but it needs to be polished. Afterwards all, a asperous design is accustomed its flash by its molder and I am that asperous diamond. MBA will be my abstraction apparatus that will accord me the aplomb and flash bright.

SWOT, an acronym for Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats is a accepted approach developed by Albert Humphrey in the 1960’s. This approach is a planning apparatus acclimated to accept the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats complex in any activity or business. Strategic planning is actual important for the success of any baby or big task. Afterwards all, alike the aboriginal appointment needs to be adjourned for its pros and cons and alone already those hurdles are accepted and overcome, lies advanced accurate success.





Things that are acceptable now, advance them, body on them and use as leverage


Things that are bad now, remedy, change or stop them.



Things that are acceptable for the future, accent them, abduction them, body on them and optimize


Things that are bad for the future, put in affairs to administer them or adverse them

Like every rational beastly being, I too accept my strengths and weaknesses. I accept a never catastrophe appetite to amuse anybody and while that is sometimes hard, it helps me put my best bottom advanced always. I am a accurate by attributes who never gives up and this is both my backbone and weakness. This attributes helps me abide in ascendancy and keeps me cocky confident, allowance me to never let my apperception waver from the goal.

I accede with Humphrey who says that strengths and weaknesses are appropriately important in a success of a business. Afterwards all, if there were not any hurdles and problems in the business, there would never be solutions to affected them.

It is accessible to accuse that activity is arbitrary and if there was a added chance, aggregate would be different. I accept that activity gives us added affairs consistently and it is our assignment to accept these opportunities. Back I had fabricated up my apperception to accompany an apprenticeship abroad, I knew that it was a continued and annoying activity to administer to several universities. I had to prove myself over and over afresh to anniversary of these universities and I accept they were not consistently successful. Despite that, I kept blame myself, advancement myself to appointment harder, address better, and today afterwards accepting accepted to one of the best universities in the apple for no acumen alternative than merit, I accept won and I am appreciative of my achievement.

Like anniversary approach has altered levels, activity has altered levels too. And anniversary akin is an important anniversary of life. Abraham Maslow’s Charge Bureaucracy Model has consistently accomplished me the aforementioned thing. This approach has subconsciously been affective me to advance further, ability advanced always.


I accede myself advantageous that the physiological needs of food, accouterment and apartment which bags of bodies aim to accomplish in activity every day is what I am built-in with. Growing up in a sheltered, admiring ancestors has helped me abound with the aegis and aplomb Maslow talks about in Safety needs.

Maslow’s Amusing needs, I may charge some advice there! I accept consistently been an alienated extrovert, acceptation that while I am not shy, I am not a affair beastly either. I accept that the appropriate apprenticeship and training can change that. I am a accompaniment akin baseball player, accept lots of accompany and an aloft boilerplate apprentice but back it comes to talking in advanced of a crowd, I shy away. MBA is all about that. I acquisition it arduous to angle in advanced of people, accord presentations and accumulate the army engaged, I am abiding that is area I charge added brightness and hopefully the accurate years at Cardiff will booty me a footfall college in Maslow’s hierarchy.

At the top of the pyramid is Cocky accomplishment i.e. cocky comfort and that Maslow says is accomplished back a actuality has accomplished everything. I accede that while cocky accomplishment may not be in the abroad approaching for me, MBA will accord me ability and ability which in about-face will acquire me account and money, demography me eventually to the accomplished rung in the pyramid.

Self accomplishment is accomplished back ambitions are fulfilled. My appetite is to acuminate my abilities and abilities, putting them to acceptable use while alive for a accounted MNC in a admirable position. A man can go to any banned to accomplish success and I agree, I am accessible to advance my banned to accompany out the best in me. I will be blessed and my self- accomplishment will be accomplished alone back I am truly, absolutely and candidly successful. MBA is not my destination. It is aloof a alpha to a acknowledged journey.

The approach by David McClelland says that the objectives abaft one appetite alter for every individual. His approach states that every alone has a charge for achievement, a charge for ability or a charge for affiliation. I do not absolutely accede with this approach and accept that it is the antithesis of achievement, ability and amalgamation which makes a successful, blessed individual.

It is simple. MBA is my goal. The purpose abaft advancing MBA is a able career, able success, banking adherence and an character for myself. As per McClelland, every actuality is abaft one of these three needs in life. I charge a antithesis of all these to accomplish and that will be my cocky -actualization.

Action Planning

Prepare a claimed development plan to explain what you charge to do to accomplish your ambitions. The plan should accommodate the key accomplish that you charge to booty in the short, average and continued term.

You should additionally accommodate a added absolution of your plan.

Personal development Plan:


Get an MBA from Cardiff with aerial colours

To accomplish this, I accept to abstraction hard. I plan to accomplish a time table for my abstraction time to ensure that I accept an according antithesis of studies and extracurricular, afterwards acceptance them to beat me. Reading abstraction material, discussing with my advisers and adolescent students, authority debates and accepting acknowledgment for my appointment assignments are some of the methods I charge to accept to accommodated my objectives. I appetite to additionally charge to home hone my presentation skills, which I intend to do with convenance and by celebratory others and demography notes. Time administration is additionally aerial on my agenda.


To appointment in a accounted organization, to accretion appointment experience.

To accomplish this, I charge to attending for the appropriate adjustment column accepting the MBA. It will activate with creating an able CV. It could be via an in-campus or out-of campus placements. For ensuring I get the job, I charge to adapt for the account – physically and mentally. Apart from apperception on the appropriate clothes to wear, I charge to accumulate the aplomb to allocution effectively, backpack myself able-bodied and actualize an impact. An MBA amount will accord me the all-important aplomb and with convenance in presentations, I am abiding I will accept abundant abbey abilities by then. Based on the companies which I charge to ability out to, I will do an in abyss analysis on them, try and see how I could fit and what I would charge to get there. I will aerate my strengths in accounting as able-bodied as abbey skills. I will analyze areas area I could do the best and appropriately advance my skills. I will additionally try and allocution to accomplished acceptance to apperceive how they able themselves for accepting the appropriate placement.

Once I get the job, my alone focus in activity would be to appear as the best. Apart from adamantine appointment and perseverance, I will try and apprentice as abundant as I can on the job. I appetite to be apparent to all departments in an organization, so that I accept for myself area I fit the best. I will set abreast time at the end of anniversary day to analysis what went able-bodied and what could be bigger abutting time. I will abide up to date with area developments and seek alternate acknowledgment from others on my contribution. Acceptable or bad, I will appointment on it.

Skills which I will charge to appointment on:

Project specific knowledge

Understanding alive methodology

Develop added on-the job skills

Planning and alignment skills

Generic abilities of communication

Team alive and networking

Increasing claimed effectiveness


To become a acknowledged entrepreneur

This is the time to administer my ability into acumen and acquaintance into added abounding action. This is the time I booty abounding ascendancy of my life, exploring my limits. An to do that, I will consistently accept to accumulate in apperception the following:

Where do I appetite to go?

This would mean, demography the aggregation to new horizons, area sky is the limit. I will breach this into years – 5, 10 and 15 and accept milestones for anniversary year.

Have a bright eyes of the alien world.

I will accumulate in apperception the social, political, bounded and bread-and-butter ambiance while putting up my company.

Have a eyes of my centralized world.

This will advice me apperceive my own limitations and apperceive area I would charge to accumulate added strength. This would additionally accommodate alive the assets at my disposal, basic which I would be appropriate to plough and how could be debt. Setting up the basement appropriate to alpha off – appointment space, manpower and all the accouterments bare to accomplish an organisation work.

Work to channelize my adventures into my bigger vision.

Factors appropriate to accomplish this objective:

Balance amid appointment and life

Flexibility to change

Time management

Effective advice skills

Well-tuned accommodation authoritative ability

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