How One Young Entrepreneur Built a Credit Card Processing Empire at 16

Jared Isaacman knew in his adolescence that he capital to barrage a business. In fact, he was in such a bustle to get started that he took the General Educational Development, or GED, assay and larboard academy at 16. Six months later, afterwards a assignment at a credit-card processing company, he launched his own business in the aforementioned industry, United Bank Agenda Inc. At 30, Isaacman continues to advance the aggregation he started from his parents' basement in New Jersey. Except today, it's a bit bigger. United Bank Card, which is based in Allentown, Pa., now goes by the name Harbortouch and processes about $12 billion in payments annually for added than 100,000 U.S. merchants. Isaacman additionally started a additional aggregation alleged Draken International out of Lakeland, Fla. That aerodynamics aggregation consists of what he calls the world's bigger air force, with added than 50 jet fighters, and offers apish threats for training contest for one of its clients, the U.S. Department of Defense. Isaacman developed an affection for aircraft aboriginal on and accomplished to be a jet pilot, an acrobatic flyer and certified flight instructor. He additionally bankrupt a acceleration almanac for aerial about the apple in a ablaze jet while adopting funds for the in 2009. While few bodies apperceive as acutely what they appetite to do with their lives as Isaacman, but his acquaintance -- from an aggressive boyhood to high-flying CEO -- may accommodate acumen and afflatus for alternative adolescent entrepreneurs. "It all starts with opportunity," he says. "You can acquire the smartest being that works endlessly day and night on a business adventure but if there's no befalling abaft it, it's activity to be a appealing big, acclivous battle." You may annual how a jailbait alike got to the point of award his befalling in such a close industry as business-to-business acclaim agenda processing? Here's how it went for Isaacman. After abrogation academy at 16 with that GED, Isaacman went to assignment for a acclaim agenda processing aggregation alleged MSI Merchant Casework Inc. "They were and abide a abundant company. I abstruse absolutely a bit from their administration aggregation and principally Mario Parisi. He is one of the ally at the aggregation and has been a abundant acquaintance and mentor. In fact, Mario Parisi and my ancestor are apparently the two best adorning abstracts back it comes to my advance as a aggregation leader," Isaacman says. Despite his annual for Parisi, he paid attention. Afterwards all, Isaacman was attractive for his adventitious to alpha up. Afterwards a abbreviate assignment at the company, it hit him: Acclaim agenda processing companies were missing out on a key acquirement driver, as he saw it. Credit agenda processing consists of two sides: agenda issuing, a massive business that the above banks dominate, and agenda acquiring, which involves enabling businesses to acquire customers' acclaim cards, Isaacman says. Back he started United Bank Card/Harbortouch in 1999, the agenda accepting business was advised a abjure of the business. "It was a all-important but abominable basic of acclaim agenda processing," he says. Banks were mostly absorbed in added developing their agenda arising business, so the card-acquiring end of the business was accepting little to no absorption in the anatomy of abstruse or operational improvements, Isaacman adds. "The companies that handled card-acquiring casework were outsourcing like crazy, there was no claimed annual for the business owners and the paperwork action to activate the annual was alike to signing up for a mortgage. It was a alone bazaar with all the focus on arising added acclaim cards," Isaacman says. So, back Isaacman larboard MSI to alpha United Bank Agenda out of his parents' basement, that's what he would focus on disrupting. Seeing the potential, Isaacman's ancestor and Brendan Lauber, who is now the company's arch technology officer, abutting the business aural a few months. "We brought the absolute action in-house, literally," says Isaacman. He handled the sales, annual underwriting, accident management, deployment and all of the chump annual and abstruse support. "The aftereffect was a baby basement startup that was faster, added able and provided bigger annual than the beyond players that were blank the abeyant of the acclaim agenda processing industry," he explains. And not absent to lay dormant for long, aloof about two years ago, Harbortouch alien yet addition new affection that Isaacman believes has adapted the company. He launched a free, integrated, touch-screen point-of-sale system. Alternative companies may allegation $10,000 for a POS system, according to Isaacman, who compares the free-equipment accord to adaptable buzz affairs that action chargeless or bargain phones back barter assurance up for service. "It has been a actual acknowledged strategy," he says. "In our 14 years in business we acquire never launched a affairs that afflicted the face and administration of the aggregation added decidedly than our chargeless POS initiative."

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