Note: You will charge to complete Appraisal 1 afore commutual this assessment. For this assessment, complete the actual sections of your cardinal alignment worksheets (SAWs) for the animal assets anatomic breadth and the added anatomic breadth you called for the Atha Corporation case study. Using the two cardinal alignment worksheets you submitted for Appraisal 1, complete the following: Conduct absolute analysis to accustom yourself with the action of developing a purpose account and achievement standards. You may acquisition the abstracts listed in the Suggested Assets helpful, or you may accredit to alternative resources. Update the SAW for the animal assets breadth and for the added anatomic breadth you called by commutual Section 2: Purpose Account and Section 3: Achievement Standards in anniversary form. In the Section 2: Purpose Account table, accommodate anxious answers to the four questions to access at your purpose account for anniversary anatomic area. In the Section 3: Achievement Standards table, analyze at atomic three achievement standards that will be acclimated to admeasurement the achievement of the anatomic breadth team. Accommodate a account for anniversary articular achievement standard. Write one 1–2-page absorption on the sections you aloof completed for your SAWs. In your reflection, abode the afterward questions: For anniversary SAW, explain how the purpose account for that anatomic breadth addresses the bodies administration aspects of administration by announcement trust, affective employees, and acknowledging collaboration. How do the achievement standards reflect cardinal alignment with the authoritative goals, through abutment of the alternative sections of the SAW (the goals and activities and purpose statement) and your revised authoritative charts? What analysis did you use to abutment your assignment in accession at the goals and activities? Use APA appearance and formatting to adduce your sources. What accepted or accomplished adventures did you draw from for this assessment, if any? Submit all three of the afterward as accessories to this assessment: Your completed SAW worksheet for the animal assets anatomic area. Your completed SAW worksheet for the added anatomic breadth you chose. Your absorption paper.

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