How Is Accountability Defined and Measured?

we will examine an important and arguable topic: accountability. From a amalgam of the readings, briefly abridge what accountability means. What are the criteria used to appraise academy education? To whom is academy apprenticeship accountable? What accept been two or three of the primary issues pertaining to accountability in contempo years? Conclude your column with your own angle of accountability in academy education, acknowledging your assertions with the readings.  Readings Review the assigned account from Unit 7, Cooley, A. (2015). Funding US academy education: Action authoritative theories reviewed. Journal of Academy Apprenticeship Action & Management, 37(6), pages 673–681. Read Ewell, P. T. (2011). Accountability and institutional capability in the association college. New Directions for Association Colleges, 2011(153), pages 23–36. Read Ewell, P. T. (2015). What happens back affection affirmation crosses borders? Assessment Update, 27(2), pages 10–11. Read Gaston, P. L. (2014). Accreditation's abracadabra hour: Riding the beachcomber of innovation. Liberal Education, 100(2), pages 12–17. Read Keller, C. M. (2014). Lessons from the autonomous arrangement of accountability (VSA): The circle of aggregate activity & accessible policy. Change, 46(5), pages 23–29. Use the Internet to complete the following: Cowan, K. (2014). Higher education's academy accountability. Presidency, pages 11–15. Retrieved from's-Higher-Accountability.aspx Longley, R. (n.d.). How to address belletrist to congress. Retrieved from letterscongress.htm

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