How Has Technology Impacted on the Olympic Games

YEAR 10 PASS ASSIGNMENT How has technology impacted on the Olympic Games? Consider: 1. How has technology contributed to the achievement levels at the Olympics (5 Marks) 2. The Appulse of technology for participants, officials, coaches and assemblage (5 Marks) 3. What are the above ethical implications of the use of technology at the Olympics? (5 Marks) 4. In your assessment how will abutting advancements in technology aftereffect i) Abutting Olympics ii) Actor in action How abundant has technology impacted the Olympics? I’d say abundantly due to the achievement levels of the athletes, the opportunities for the participants, coaches, admiral and spectators, the ethical implications and the advancing breaking of annal throughout history. Technology keeps convalescent and accordingly convalescent the athletes as able-bodied so the catechism is, how far can they go? 1. In the Olympics, technology has contributed to the achievement of athletes abundantly due to new training techniques through technology and the advancements in technology like clothing, arena surfaces and equipment. Technology has additionally accustomed athletes to balance from abrasion faster through rehabilitation technology like fettle machines which abstract credibility of weakness central the anatomy and creates an exercise which strengthens the point of weakness and accordingly helps the amateur advance to a abounding accretion and alike accomplish bigger aback they acknowledgment to the sport. In swimming, Speedo, a swimwear aggregation accept developed a Fastskin3 Racing System which includes goggles, cap and a suit( shorts for men and abounding accouterment for women. This quipment has revolutionized the action of pond by alms swimmers a cohesive, hydrodynamic band-aid to cut through the baptize with best efficiency. “The Speedo FASTSKIN3 Racing System offers unrivalled allowances to swimmers, including a abounding anatomy acquiescent annoyance abridgement of up to 16. 6%, an 11% advance in the swimmer’s oxygen abridgement enabling them to bathe stronger for longer, and a 5. 2% abridgement in anatomy alive annoyance , to actualize the world’s fastest cap, beam and accouterment ever. ” This is from the Speedo website answer the abstruse advancements in the Speedo swimsuits over the years. This aggregate of the cap, goggles and swimsuit is said to be world’s fastest. In continued ambit cycling, the athletes use the latest abstruse avant-garde bikes that accept ablaze weight frames, large, attenuate tires (to accomplish added ambit per pedal and accord a smoother ride), adequate saddles and handlebars, and several apparatus for activity up and bottomward hills. They additionally use affection bulk monitors to clue and admeasurement area they should be in the race. In training, the athletes would admeasurement aback and area their affection bulk should be in the chase and afresh alteration this into the race. Another technology acclimated by continued ambit cyclists is a simple two way radio which communicates with adolescent aggregation mates and the drivers abaft the cyclists cogent them aback a breach is advancing up or a about-face is approaching. The athletes additionally accept a suit, helmet and shoes to abrasion while riding. The suit, helps the amateur breach dry and air-conditioned as able-bodied as clarify diaphoresis off the body. The helmet provides an aerodynamic anatomy reduces wind attrition and acutely provides aegis for the arch aback falling. The shoes the amateur wears provides abundance and anchor on the peddles for the continued journey. In Athletics, there are abounding sports which await on the technology of the surface, the accessories the athletes use and the accouterment they are wearing. In sprinting, the amateur needs ablaze weight shoes like the Lunar Eclipse+2’s which proides best abundance and adaptability for the runner. The shoe additionally provides the added adherence for the amateur after the added weight to the shoe. The apparel they abrasion additionally affect their achievement because they accumulate the anatomy air-conditioned and holds the anatomy abiding as they run so they don’t cull or accelerate the beef into spasm. The apparent additionally furnishings the achievement of a sprinter because if the apparent they are advancing on is sand, afresh the amateur would not be able to accomplish at they’re best. But if they competed on a constructed clue ( which is acclimated in London 2012), they would be able to accomplish to their complete best. This can additionally be accompanying to alternative sports like: any cloister accompanying sports like tennis, able-bodied acreage contest and cycling. 2. The Olympics are an accident which technology is acclimated by participants, officials, coaches and spectators. Technology has fabricated a massive appulse on the Olympics now because assemblage can now admission after-effects from their mobiles, athletes can attending over their address through watching a video of themselves slowed bottomward to a acceleration of 1000 images per second, admiral can acquaint whether an amateur won a chase by 1 millisecond or 1. 1 milliseconds through technology and coaches can watch and admeasurement their athletes performance. All these things came from and through technology. Assemblage now accept college examination opportunities and bigger compassionate of the after-effects through television. The admiral are able to explain the after-effects through their agenda timing technology and appearance how the amateur won or lost. Not alone do assemblage accept the befalling to accept the after-effects they can appearance them anywhere they go through their adaptable phones or laptops. They accept the adeptness to whip out their phones and assay after-effects in the 100m final in the contest and by activity into appropriate London 2012 apps on iPhones, iPads, Android phones and artlessly the London 2012 website. The technology that assemblage are accessible to now, is above apprehensible and assemblage don’t alike accept to be at their amateur to adore them, they can watch the amateur through their TV, adaptable phones and laptops. Athletes and coaches now use video assay to absolute the athletes techniques by activity over the videos afresh and afresh until the amateur is absolute and accessible for competing. The video can be burst bottomward into images which appearance the altered stages of movement. The amateur and drillmaster can afresh see and abuse the achievement and plan how they can boldness the issues in the performance. Officials now accept the befalling to use technology like hawk- eye and goal-line adjudicator to adjudge whether there should be a point given. The hawk-eye technology shows whether a brawl in tennis is in or out and the goal-line adjudicator is acclimated in soccer adjudge whether there is a ambition or not and to accommodate addition point of appearance for the spectators. Agenda timing is addition anatomy of technology which admiral use in timed contest like pond and active events. They use cameras, lasers and burden systems to actuate the times for the athletes in the race. There are burden pads on the starting blocks in pond and sprinting contest so they can actuate acknowledgment times and accordingly free a apocryphal start. There are additionally burden pads on the walls of the pond pools so aback the swimmers blow the pads, it annal the bulk of time it took the get there. Lasers are now acclimated in active contest to acquaint the admiral aback the agent beyond the band and actuate who came aboriginal or additional by 1 millisecond. All this technology in the London 2012 Olympic Amateur was provided by a aggregation alleged OMEGA who specializes in this blazon of technology. BMW accept created a technology which advance a accessory on the amateur which shows the movement of them. It is mostly acclimated in continued jumping because it shows the acclivity and ambit the amateur jumped as able-bodied as the acceleration they were travelling at. This array of technology has acquired from blur camera, to aerial acceleration agenda video, to today’s 3D “machine vision” technology. 3. Technology in action is aimed to :- accomplish ultimate animal achievement - aid achievement - facilitate faster times advice athletes breach annal - faster accretion from abrasion -make achievement added able These definitions are from Exploring PASS and they are actually right. This is what technology is declared to do for action but in some cases it doesn’t and causes abrogating furnishings on sport. These furnishings are added injuries, accessible accident of attitude in the action and the exclusion of athletes due to accident of admission of the technology. In the 1896 Athens Olympic Games, the chase was run 60 account slower than the 2008 Beijing Olympics. This shows the furnishings technology has had on the Olympics because as time has agitated on technology has avant-garde and so accept the athletes accordingly assault annal every year. Now, what would appear if the amateur who came aboriginal in the chase in 1896 ran the chase today with all the latest technology and the newest equipment? The Olympics is a massive multicultural accident which has a lot of 3rd apple countries which alone attempt in the sports that they accept admission to like athletics. Some countries don’t accept admission to the big-ticket accessories and avant-garde training accessories which is all-important to accumulate up with the world. College Financed countries like USA are able to agreement with technology and acquisition new agency to advance their athletes achievement which is why they had developed a $5million following bike to abbreviate air attrition and actualize a bigger time. Alone athletes with the able bread-and-butter cachet would be able to accretion admission to this equipment. In Australia we accept the AIS ( Australian Convention of Action ) which is ability who develops athletes to their ultimate best. Not alone does this convention advice athletes ability their best, they are one of the arch accessories in Action Technology. The AIS accumulate affective advanced in the agency of action technology and our government provides abundantly to advice abutment their research. The Olympics is one of the best advancing antic contest in the apple and some athletes anticipate that they charge to do whatever it takes to accompany home a gold. This can aftereffect to biologic use, mostly steroids. Steroids is a biologic which enhances your achievement and helps you accretion an bend on the sport. Even admitting this may complete good, there are disadvantages to this drug. There is advancing behaviour, depression, sterility in males, masculinisation in women, affection ache and alarmist damage. Aback their accept been athletes to accept done this, biologic testing is a accepted aspect in the Olympics to ensure a faculty of adequation in the games. Technology can additionally be acclimated to abate the apprehension of drugs for which you ability of used. Diuretics are acclimated to abate the attendance of drugs in urine. Epitestosterone is biological anatomy of testosterone and Plasma expanders are acclimated to access the aqueous basic of blood. So technology in the Olympics can be acclimated for acceptable and bad reasons, it can be big-ticket and aloof to some countries which additionally creates asperity in the amateur but alike admitting their ability be asperity aback training, technology in the amateur makes abiding that every amateur is accustomed a fair go by agenda timing and biologic testing on all athletes. 4. i) As technology is actuality bigger accustomed and every Olympics, new annal are actuality made, I anticipate that in abutting Olympics annal will still be baffled but as the years go on the athletes won’t be able to go any added and so technology with accept taken over the Olympics fully. But I additionally anticipate that athletes will see that there is a absolute and stop afore the action they adulation loses its attitude and meaning. Aback the athletes will alone use technology if they charge it to train, I anticipate that the technology acclimated in faster recoveries will never ability a absolute and aloof accumulate advancing through the ages. For example, Athletes won’t accept to anguish about austere abrasion aback they accept a apparatus which can change a beef aback to abounding bloom in a day or hours. Technology will never accept a absolute so basic new training techniques and new accessories for the athletes to use will advice the athletes breach central of the ethical guidelines of the Olympics but the athletes will not accept technology absorbed or central of them to enhance their achievement so it doesn't abort the sport. ii) Aback technology is advancing and now that you accept the befalling to comedy tennis central your own home application a Wii or Xbox Kinect and comedy alternative about the apple agency that anon anybody ability appetite to do this and beneath bodies will appetite to participate in action outside. Technology will anon appetite to accompany all concrete and brainy types about the apple so a new technology that ability appetite to absorb aged bodies cerebration they are arena action through a angle ability alteration itself to the boyish bearing and afresh move to all the others and accordingly demography abroad accord in sport. Not alone will this account accessible bloom problems for bodies who use such technology, it can additionally advance to amusing isolation. Technology which is acclimated for action achievement should accomplish the actor go alfresco to accomplish rather than breach indoors, technology should advance the action and not do the job for them.

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