How far was Henrys foreign policy merely defensive in the years between 1487 and 1509?

Henry formed adamantine to establish, consolidate and balance abounding adopted relations aural his reign. This was mostly arresting due to pretenders aggressive Henry’s head which meant a lot of Henry’s adopted relations were defensive. However, Henry did additionally authorize behavior to advice alternative factors during his reign. One way in which Henry did authorize relations out of defence was to rid of abbreviate appellation pretenders and threats to his throne. An archetype of this would be the Accord of Etaples which was fabricated in 1492 with France. This accord categorical neither country would abutment imposters which resulted in France accepting to stop acknowledging and accord up Perkin Warbeck who was at the time assuming to be Richard, Duke of York. The accord was a arresting manoeuvre to ensure the bluff was chock-full to abate the blackmail to Henry’s head and this helped Henry a lot as France did not decidedly like Henry at the time so the Accord meant they would no best abutment Warbeck which helped Henry assure his aegis well. However, some of Henry’s accomplishments could accept been apparent as an advance rather than defence. The accord of Etaples additionally meant Henry accepted money consistent in France had to pay an anniversary alimony of 50,000 crowns (?5,000). The money was accustomed due to Henry reasserting an age-old affirmation to French acreage and besieging Boulogne which was absolutely absolute and was this allotment of the accord was added of an advance appear France. This is why it is arguable whether Henry was added arresting or advancing in adopted action as the Accord of Etaples did both as it affected France to accord up pretenders, attention Henry, but additionally ambitious money, an advance of France. However, it is bright that indeed, henry did use the accord to advance France but all-embracing acclimated it as a defence. Another acumen Henry instated adopted action absolutely as a defence was to defended his absolutism through marriages and treaties and accomplish accord for his and others approaching rule. The Accord of Ayton, fabricated in 1497, accustomed Anglo-Scottish accord which accomplished into a academic accord Accord in 1502 and the connected appellation backbone was symbolised with the accord of Princess Margaret, Henry’s daughter, and James IV in 1503. This was absolutely to put a stop to the on-going battle on the Scottish bound and ensure a abiding accord and accord with Scotland for his absolutism and approaching security. Yet on the alternative hand, Henry additionally accustomed adopted behavior and agreements to advice advance England’s trade. Due to Margaret of Burgundy assuming connected abutment for Warbeck, Henry issued an embargo on English barter with Burgundy that lasted until 1496. Henry afresh after dealt with this with the Intercursus Magnus additionally accepted as the Great Settlement in 1846 as both Henry and Philip had suffered from the bartering restrictions and bare anniversary other’s barter again. This cannot be apparent as arresting as relations did not advance massively as Philip connected to harbour Yorkists acceptation this acceding was absolutely fabricated to advance barter and English profits and did not account Henry in accepting his head nor dynasty. This acutely agency Henrys adopted action was not absolutely arresting but was placed to advance barter as well. In conclusion, Henry formed adamantine to authorize adopted behavior for altered reasons. It is bright that Henry’s capital antecedence was as defence but additionally that it was not the absolute acumen and adopted action was not acclimated absolutely for defence as Henry did accomplish some agreements to abetment barter and as a anatomy of advance on countries to instate and appearance power. However, it is fair to say Henry’s adopted action was arresting to advice defended his head but mostly to accommodate and assure his dynasty.

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