How Does the Concentration of Sucrose Solution Effect Thr Mass and Length of a Piece of Potato

What is osmosis? Assimilation is the circulation of baptize molecules through a semi absorbent membrane. Why is it important? It is important to apperceive what Assimilation is, and to accept it so that we accept what we are measuring, and so that we can use this compassionate to administer to alternative situations so that we can accretion added knowledge. We can additionally use this compassionate to analyse our results. What we will do: We will put potato pieces of agnate sizes in to analysis tubes of altered concentrations of sucrose solution, and admeasurement any changes in accumulation and length. Affecting Factors: There are a cardinal of factors which can affect our results. We charge to accumulate them all the same, and accomplish abiding that the alone affair that changes is the absorption of the sucrose solution. These factors include: • Starting breadth of potato • Aggregate of Sucrose band-aid • Temperature of potato • Temperature of Sucrose band-aid • Time we larboard the potato in the Sucrose band-aid for To ascendancy these factors, We will admeasurement anniversary allotment of potato afore the experiment, and accomplish abiding anniversary allotment is the aforementioned length. We will additionally admeasurement out the aggregate of sucrose band-aid anniversary time. We will additionally leave the potato pieces in the band-aid for the aforementioned bulk of time. We could additionally accept abstinent the temperature of the sucrose band-aid and of the potato to accomplish abiding the temperature was consistently the same. However, we absitively not to do this as we had a bound bulk of time to conduct our agreement in, and we did not appetite to blitz the blow contrarily we ability accept fabricated a mistake, or been beneath authentic with either barometer the potato breadth and mass, aggregate of sucrose solution, or recording our results. Prediction: Based on what I apperceive about osmosis, I anticipate that the college the absorption of sucrose solution, the added the potato accumulation and breadth will decrease. I anticipate this based on my ability of osmosis. If I am correct, again back the baptize absorption in the potato is college than the baptize absorption of the sucrose solution, the baptize will try and advance out, and will leave the potato, therefore, authoritative the potato accumulation and breadth smaller. Back the baptize absorption is the aforementioned in the potato as in the sucrose solution, the potato accumulation and breadth will break the aforementioned because the baptize absorption will be balanced. When the baptize absorption in the potato is lower that in the sucrose solution, the baptize will try to antithesis out, and the potato’s accumulation and breadth access as it absorbs water. Alone baptize will go amid the potato and the band-aid as the potato acts as a semi-permeable film area alone baptize molecules are baby abundant to canyon through, whereas, starch and sucrose are too ample to canyon through this membrane. Hopefully, my anticipation will be apparent in my results, but they will accept to be actual authentic and reliable to absolutely prove this, and for it to be added than aloof coincidence. [pic]

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