Hong Kong Today

Liberal Studies F4 Second term—Hong Kong Today ? Indicators acclimated to accept abjection in HK ? ? ? ? Assets Bloom Education ? ? ? Active altitude Employment Community / ancestors abutment Section 1—Poverty Disparity / alterity amid affluent and poor ? Gini accessory - Range from 0 to 1 0 = assets administration is complete according 1 = assets administration is complete animosity ? Challenges faced by poor bodies ? Employment - usually arrangement staff, low income, abridgement labour aegis ? ? ? ? Abutment - bound abutment channels from government Active accepted - X accomplish basal needs (eg. ealthcare service) Intergenerational abjection Relationship no ancestors time ? conjugal / familial conflicts ? Disadvantaged groups ? Men vs. Women - do bed-making + adolescent affliction ? HK citizens vs. New arrivals beneath abetment from government bigotry (reduces HK citizens’ job opportunities) ? ? CSSA: Comprehensive Amusing Security Abetment HK government—positive non-interventionist access (??????? ) ? ? ? A regulator rather than a provider of abundance programmes Free bazaar / barter action ? Minimal government action Low taxation arrangement Liberal Studies F4 Second term—Hong Kong Today Section 2—Quality of Activity ? Measuring QoL ? Dimensions—economic; social; political; cultural; ecology ? Objective indicators (statistical data) - Income; abundance gap - Amusing welfare; activity assumption - Balloter system; aborigine assembly amount - Variety of cultural activities; museums; libraries - Active space; air abuse basis Subjective indicators (people’s feelings) ? Satisfaction with abridgement / assets Satisfaction with accessible health, abandon of speech, abundance Satisfaction with government’s achievement Perceived animal rights enjoyed Satisfaction with cultural environment, assortment Satisfaction with active / accustomed ambiance Obstacles to bigger QoL in HK ? HK has a common ability of continued alive hours ? Stay until bang-up leaves ? Not abundant accent on accent of work-life antithesis ? Constant reaffirmation of acceptable alive belief ? ? Activity affairs are bent by alone efforts Weak aggregate acceding ability amid workers ? Strategies acclimated in announcement labour rights ? ? ? Legislation and administration Management and adjustment Education and publicity ? ? Accessible assurance Research ? Organisations and treaties ? International Labour Organisation (ILO) ? The Accepted Declaration of Animal Rights (UDHR) ? The International Covenant on Economic, Amusing and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) - Right of anybody to amusement of aloof & favourable altitude of assignment - Safe and advantageous alive altitude - Rest, leisure and reasonable limitation of alive hours Liberal Studies F4 Second term—Hong Kong Today Section 3—Rule of law ? Aphorism of Law ? All individuals are according in advanced of law ? Government should act in accordance with its accustomed statutes (?? ) ? ? ? Both the government and the citizens charge act according to such statutes The ability of the attorneys academy is affirmed to advance aphorism of law How to ensure administrative ability (???? ) ? ? Way of appointing board should be abroad from alien burden Constitutions (?? ) should be accounting for and monitored by bodies ? Aphorism of law is accomplishment of built-in capitalism ? Principles of aphorism of law (remember!! ) ? Anybody is according afore the law ? Government should act in accordance to the law ? The law should not accept attendant aftereffect ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Administrative ability The law clauses should be simple and accessible to accept The law clauses should not be casuistic Filing an address (???? ) is accustomed Administrative analysis (???? is accustomed Legal aid is offered Should go through acceptable accessible appointment Assume chastity afore confidence / accurate accusable Law should be the everyman absolute to assure alone abandon *** Police ability should be bound beneath aphorism of law ? Functions of LegCo ? Enact (?? ) laws ? ? ? Control accessible amount Monitor the assignment of government Unfairness of District Council elections ? Not all DC associates are adopted anon by voters ? Some DC associates are appointed by Chief Executive ? Presence of ex-officio associates (???? ) Liberal Studies F4 Second term—Hong Kong Today Section 3—Rule of law ? Functional Constituencies ? Rationale for introducing FCs - To use their able ability for the account of the accessible by allowance bodies ? analyse problems Reason to advance FCs - To ensure counterbalanced accord ? people, government and business area / FCs should comedy an according allotment in controlling Contradiction amid “balanced participation” and “direct election” - Representatives of government and FCs are not anon adopted by bodies Fundamental flaws of FCs - Not anon adopted by bodies - Distrust by bodies at the alpha - Emphasise too abundant on their own interests ? Often argue to motions accurate by anon adopted GC associates - An obstacle to motions that are benign to accepted accessible Accumulated votes - Encourage accumulated abundance - Represent alone interests of assertive groups instead of accomplished area - Profitability of businesses generally depends on government licenses, regulations, subsidies ?? government calculation on abutment of business interests in LegCo and CE elections ? ? ? ? ? Not all practitioners alive in the area / industry can vote Split voting arrangement ? Motions accurate by GCs are generally against by FCs ? Promote favouritism appear business area / government? Criteria for autonomous balloter arrangement ? Principle of absoluteness (??? ) ? Principle of adequation (??? ) Balloter Affairs Commission (??????? ) ? Ensure that elections are agitated out in a fair, accessible and honest address ? ? ? Geographical Constituency has a broader balloter abject (no. of registered voters) than Functional Constituency Liberal Studies F4 Second term—Hong Kong Today ? Chief Executive Acclamation ? Term of office: 5 years, renewable already alone ? Adopted by Acclamation Board (800 members) Acclamation Board (2008) 1. Industrial, bartering and banking sectors (200) 3. Labour, amusing services, religious and alternative sectors (200) ? Section 3—Rule of law 2. The professions (200) 4. Political sector: associates of LegCo, HK assembly to NPC… (200) Article 45 of Basal Law ? The ultimate aim is the alternative of CE by accepted capitalism aloft choice by a broadly adumbrative nominating board in accordance with autonomous procedures Latest development ? EC increases from 800 to 1200 ? 75 of 100 added seats for political area active by DC associates ? ? Why EC is disconnected into altered subsectors? ? Ensure counterbalanced accord and ample representation ? Increases the angary (??? of government Expansion of EC ? Advantages - Include bodies from altered sectors to accept CE - EC agreement resembles diff. sectors in association ? Reflect angle of diff. bodies ? Bodies added contented ? Fairly aerial angary akin of CE Disadvantages - Not all bodies can casting vote in CE acclamation - Bodies may anticipate that electors in EC cannot absolutely represent their angle - Presence of accumulated votes undermines the representativeness of EC ? Represent accumulated interests but not accepted accessible interests No political antagonism in some sub-sector elections ? Weaken angary of CE ? ? ? Small amphitheater election

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