Hong Kong International Airport Is the Main Airport in Hong Kong

Kong All-embracing Airport (HKIA) is the capital airport in Hong Kong; it is an important bounded trans-shipment centre, commuter hub and aperture amid the Mainland China and the blow of Asia. And HKIA is the primary hub for several calm airlines, such as Cathay Pacific Airways, Dragonair, Hong Kong Express Airways, etc. Review the history, HKIA has won seven Skytrax Apple Airport Awards for chump achievement in aloof ten years (Skytrax, 2010), the additional busiest airport in the apple in agreement of burden cartage and the 13th busiest airport common in agreement of commuter throughput in 2009 (Airports Council International, 2010).This is the able affirmation to affidavit that HKIA was entering to the World-Class All-embracing Airport and we can appraisal its development effectively. In this essay, I will go to appraise the hub airport development of the Hong Kong All-embracing Airport, additionally try to assay the all-embracing achievement and the accordant statistics with alternative aloft hub airport to accomplish the allegory and some opinions. The commuter throughput and burden cartage in HKIA is developed in tremendous acceleration in accomplished 10 years. In appearance of this, the Airport Authority Hong Kong was activity to body up some acknowledging accessories to strengthen its competitiveness, such as Terminal 2, North Accessory Terminal, SkyPier and planning to assemble the third runway, etc. This is a actual alive operation to advance and advance the position as a hub airport while analyze with alternative aloft hub airport about the world. There are several aloft hub airports in Southeast Asia, like the Singapore Changi Airport and the Beijing Capital All-embracing Airport, etc.No amount what the commuter and burden throughput, facilities, affiliation architectonics and awards; it is competed so assiduously with the HKIA. First of all, I will go to assay the development trend of commuter throughput in the HKIA. In the aboriginal of 2000’s, the operation of HKIA was aback on the alternation afterwards the alteration aeon from the Kai Tak Airport. Base on the statistics, the absolute commuter in 2001 was 32,546,029 and baronial 17 (Airports Council International, 2002). After one year, the throughput access 4. 1% to 33,882,463 and the baronial ascend to 15 (Airports Council International, 2003).But in 2003, the commuter bead about 20% to 27,092,290 aback the access of SARS (Airports Council International, 2004). The HKIA was suffered a huge accident in this year, such as the passenger, burden and economic, etc. Luckily, the recession has to abide alone one year, and it acceleration up afresh in the abutting year. In 2004, the PAX access 25. 5% to 36,711,920 (Airports Council International, 2005), and the trend continues to access until 2009. The alternative statistics which in 2005 access 9. 7% to 40,269,847 (Airports Council International, 2006), 2006 access 8. % to 43,857,908 (Airports Council International, 2007), 2007 access 7. 3% to 47,042,419 (Airports Council International, 2008), 2008 access 1. 7% to 47,857,746 (Airports Council International, 2009). And the trend was acclimatize agilely in 2009, which is abatement 5% to 45,499,604 (Airports Council International, 2010). The abnormality was advancing aback the beginning of H1N1 affliction fabricated the bread-and-butter arrest in accomplished world. Apart from these commuter throughput data, we can assay the HKIA was actual acknowledged as a commuter hub airport, alike in Asia.Since the commuter breeze was access equably in accomplished 10 years. And its baronial is acceptable abundant which represent the Asia hub airport. And actuality is the diagram to analyze the PAX throughput amid HKIA and Changi Airport. [pic]The aloft diagram shows the commuter cartage allegory amid two aloft hub airports in Asia. Both of them are befitting the ascendance trend aback 2002, and the top 30 ranking. As we apperceive that, the Singapore Changi Airport had the connected appellation history and acceptable over 340 awards in a 20-year aeon from 1987 to 2007. Also, with 80 airlines confined 200 cities in 60 countries, Changi Airport accustomed itself as a aloft aerodynamics hub in the Asia Pacific arena (Changi Airport Group, 2009). But aback we attending aback the commuter throughput in HKIA; it was college than Singapore Changi Airport about 6,000,000 to 8,000,000 in the accomplished 10 years averagely. The best important is the HKIA aloof go admitting the 10 year’s history. It can prove the development of HKIA is actual accelerated and prosperity. [pic] Secondly, it is the burden cartage allegory amid the HKIA and Changi Airport. The diagram shows aloft is the absolute burden statistics from 2009 to 2009.Base on the diagram, it is no agnosticism to prove that the HKIA is acting the baton position in Asia, alike in the Apple aback 2002. The burden cartage was aloft 2,500,000 tones from 2002, and connected to acceleration aloft 3,000,000 from 2004 and until to 2009. And the HKIA keeps the additional baronial in the World's busiest airports by burden cartage aback 2002, aloof abaft the Memphis All-embracing Airport (Airports Council International, 2003~2010). Aback analyze the burden cartage with the alternative busiest burden airports in Asia - Changi Airport. We can acutely apperceive the aftereffect and difference.Although the history of Changi Airport is best again HKIA, and it alien the Air Hub Development Fund in 2003 (Net Resources International, 2010) to allure the airlines and advance up the burden traffic. But the absolute burden cartage in the accomplished 8 years was still abatement abaft HKIA distantly, and the gap becomes has widened in these several years. This is the best statistics to verify that the HKIA is the acknowledged hub airport in the burden side. Moreover, it is the new development in HKIA. It clearly launched two new accessories in January 2010, which are the SkyPier and the North Accessory Concourse.For the Skypier, the acting SkyPier was fabricated accessible in 2003. It assists the movement of cartage amid HKIA and the Pearl River Delta (PRD) region. With an all-encompassing air arrangement of 150 destinations, HKIA has additionally served able-bodied the air busline needs of the PRD, affair the bread-and-butter development needs of Hong Kong and accidental to Mainland's bread-and-butter advance over the accomplished three decades (HKIA Press Releases, 2010). And the AA has invested over HK$1 billion in the architecture of a new North Accessory Avenue (HKIA Press Releases, 2009).It is advised to serve added than bristles actor cartage a year at the antecedent stage. And ensure the aforementioned akin of account for the cartage who aerial on abate aircraft (HKIA Press Releases, 2009). Refer to the Executive Administrator in Airport Authority Hong Kong, said, “HKIA is committed to accouterment best account and accessories to enhance its competitiveness as a bounded and all-embracing aerodynamics centre. With the new accessory concourse, beneath than 10 flights will charge to be anchored at alien accolade every day compared to the accepted 40 to 50.This agency added cartage can commence or alight their aircraft in a pleasant, weatherproof environment, sparing them the aggravation of actuality apparent to hot or backing weather” (HKIA Press Releases, 2009). The administrator has briefly explained the cold and action of the North Accessory Concourse. Evidently, the advance activity is application to enhance account levels, pave the way to accommodated approaching appeal and strengthen the affiliation with the PRD network. Additionally deepen the role and position as a hub airport about the world. In conclusion, the commuter throughput, absolute burden cartage and the accessories development in HKIA has aggrandize bound in the accomplished ten years. And all the accordant statistics, ranking, awards and acceptability has the acceptable increase. It is the absolute aftereffect and aftereffect to appraise the development of the HKIA as a hub airport, additionally HKIA is the famous, agreement airport for all the bounded and foreigner.HKIA Opens New Commuter Avenue to Enhance Service. Retrieved 20 April, 2010, from http://www. hongkongairport. com/eng/media/press-releases/pr_981. html HKIA Press Releases (2010).Airport's New SkyPier and North Accessory Avenue Clearly Opened. Retrieved 20 April, 2010, from http://www. hongkongairport. com/eng/media/press-releases/pr_983. html

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