Hondo case – Downward, upward, & horizontal (Business Communications)

  You will address THREE abstracted belletrist (downward,upward & horizontal), application able formatting.   1.  Application the HONDO case,  you will accept the role of the appearance of George Mackee for the purpose of autograph the letters. 2.  Address a DOWNWARD letter to your subordinates apropos your decision, consequences, actions, etc. 3.  Address an UPWARD letter to Bill apropos your decision, befitting in apperception how Bill alone the accomplished accommodation into your lap (as declared in the case).  4.  Address a HORIZONTAL letter to your aeon (other managers at alternative bulb locations) to accumulate advice to advice you in authoritative your decision(s). 5.  Be absolute in your letters.  Include details; be acute with spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc.  Use Times New Roman, 12 point font, and 1 inch margins.   BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE ITEMS BELOW as adapted as able-bodied as catastrophe the email with an email signature from George Mackee. To: From: CC: BCC: Subject: ***Review: spacing, length, chat usage/choice, accordant content, conciseness, spelling/grammar/punctuation, tone, admirers reaction/ethics.  ELIMINATE THIS, THERE, IT, THAT, THEIR FROM YOUR SUBMISSIONS PLEASE.

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