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  Review the case abstraction "Alaska Airlines: Navigating Change" and again complete the following: (a) State what absolutely occurred in the case apropos Kotter's accomplish 3 and 4 of developing a eyes and action and communicating the change eyes (two to three paragraphs), and (b) abode anniversary of the analytical elements for Section II genitalia C and D in your change accomplishment analysis. Make abiding to accommodate your recommendations for implementing Kotter's accomplish 3 and 4. C. Form a Strategic Vision Determine the ethics that are capital to this change. Why are these ethics essential? Establish the eyes for this authoritative change effort. How will this eyes be able in announcement your change effort? Identify your advised targeted outcomes. Defend your choices. What charge action for the authoritative change accomplishment to be advised a success? Defend your response. D. Acquaint the Change What is appropriate for the change to be announced finer aural the organization? Why? Determine accomplishments you will booty to animate two-way advice for able acknowledgment loops during accomplishing of the change effort. Explain why these accomplishments will be effective. How will you abutment the absolute admiral in the alignment in their efforts to acquaint with advisers about the change effort? Describe how you will abode any apropos or anxieties apropos this change. Who needs to be complex and in what accommodation for this change accomplishment to be a success?

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